August 30, 2009

Quick Thoughts: Weekly Twitter for 2009-08-30

Category: Round-Ups — By @ 7:30 pm
  • Cool Flash & other wallpapers at DCU Online website – prob. been there forever, but I haven’t been to the site lately #
  • Long Beach Comic Con is back on Twitter @LongBeach_CC #
  • RT@speedingbullet: If I had a cosmic treadmill to move through time, right now I’d use it to go to Wednesday so I could read Flash:Rebirth#4 #
  • This week I’ve got 5 definite comics (Flash:Rebirth, Madame Xanadu, Wednesday Comics, Dynamo 5, Unknown) & 3 maybes. Next week, just one. #
  • Found a 5-year-old draft post on death and super-heroes. Post ID is 404. Seems appropriate. #
  • I love it! Photoshop Filters as super-heroes via @comicsalliance #
  • Mini Review: Flash: Rebirth #4. 3 “Oh #$%!” Moments, 1 “Oh, please…” & 3 “HELL, YEAH!”s. #
  • Upcoming cons: @FanExpoCanada this weekend, Dragon*Con @daily_dragon next week, @LongBeach_CC in October #followfriday #
  • Found a blog scraper site that turned “speed force” into “zip accolade.” #
  • 1,999 comments approved on ! Who wants to be #2,000? #
  • And the 2,000th comment goes to Lee H! If I’d planned this ahead of time, I’d have picked out a prize or something. #
  • RT @GeoffJohns0: AWESOME! RT @FrankAngones Captain Cold at Six Flags got so excited that I was excited to see him! #
  • Flash Fact: A SIlver Age storyline index would be empty. The comics were all stand-alone stories until the 1970s. #
  • Donna Troy is “one of those people a nickname doesn’t stick to, like Jean Grey” – Dan Didio #fanexpo #

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