June 8, 2012

Flash #0 Coming in September

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Flash #0 Promotional Art

Promotional art for the Flash #0 issue – yes, the zero issues, going back to look at character origins and history, have been confirmed for September. Asked about surprises, Dan Didio lists several books that have done better than expected, finishing with, “And honestly, ‘Flash’ has been doing stronger now than it did prior to the launch of the New 52.”

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  1. Kyer says:

    They’ve barely started into the New/Continuity-Free universe and they feel the need to do an origin rehash already?

    • Wally East says:

      Well, technically, we don’t know anyone’s origin, except *maybe* Batman, GL, and Barry.

    • Kelson says:

      Just about everything started in media res. We haven’t even seen Barry’s origin, really.

      For one-shots? I don’t mind at all.

      If they were going to be stopping and doing 6-part Secret Origins for every single character and team, I think I’d just sit things out for the half-year.

      • Kyer says:

        Honestly? I’d rather learn personal stuff in story. It’s more fun when things come out during the plot then getting a ‘game playing card’ of an issue.

  2. Stephen says:

    Cover doesn’t really do it for me, but will nerveless buy book.

    • Kelson says:

      FWIW, it’s promotional art, not the final cover.

      • Kyer says:

        Am liking the art as the foundation for something more fleshed out later…though he needs to smile more.
        Or maybe that grim look is because he too has read the news commentary on the state of DC’s movie division?

        Wasn’t the digital Flash #0 put out for the launch of DC52 free and not $2.99?

      • Stephen says:

        Well, that’s a relief.

  3. Martin Gray says:

    I’m intrigued as to what they might put in this issue – will Barry be reading old copies of Wally’s book?

  4. TheFlash1990 says:

    I’d like to see Barry’s origin fleshed out, we haven’t seen that yet. He needs a “Year One” type arc, I’d like to read that.

  5. Xian says:

    I want Barry’s origin to be elemental and make sense.

    Elemental, because overworked and overwrought origins leave no room for imagination, interpretation, iteration, or growth. Simple origins that ring an essential chord can be worked and reworked on different levels, times, and degrees of detail (meaning they’re readily adapted to other mediums, tales, or purposes).

    Sensible (not necessarily scientific), because without some underlying veracity or truth, a goofy or illogical or unsympathetic origin just becomes a huge stumbling block for old and new fans alike before they can get into a character or story proper… an origin should seamlessly assist all future stories, not sit like a wart on the nose of an otherwise pretty face that people try to politely ignore.

    One of my major turn offs to Flash Rebirth was the lack of these two principles… Johns loaded up Barry’s backstory with details that ultimately didn’t come together into any kind of sensible combination. His parents dying is supposed to be a great loss, but we never learn what influence those who raised him afterwards had on his life (something every other orphan superhero origin addresses from Aunt May, to the Kents, to Alfred). His profession selection made no sense based on his position that his dad was innocent despite the evidence.

    And the whole exercise in creating a maudlin past ultimately had no resonance to any kind of elemental common thread with the audience because both the tragedy and Barry’s reactions were completely contrived… he didn’t suffer the pangs of guilt of Peter or the thirst of vengeance of Bruce or the quiet acceptance of Clark… he shrugged emotionally but incongruously obsessed professionally over it. Even if there’s a seed of truth in that, it’s not terribly identifiable or a common human elemental experience.

    Please give Barry back his primarily tragedy-free past. Please help The Flash’s mantel stand for largely dysfunctional free folks who do good to do good. That sense of charity and duty that everyone has felt and who many take to another level in public service and the like. Heroism doesn’t NEED an “origin story” beyond the good character that can be found in everyone and is just a little exceptional in some.

    • Stephen says:

      I hate to be the bringer of bad news, but when Barry enters the Speed Force there’s one section, where ther’re two police officers with a sad-looking Barry. I can’t exactly say what happened but it looked like the tragic backstory is staying.

      • Kyer says:

        I suppose it is a matter of time before Thawne returns to kill Iris as well? Yeah, killed, but we all know it’s not a mortal wound that kills characters (it’s an editorial edict.)

        • Stephen says:

          Thawne killing Iris wouldn’t have as big of an impact to Barry, as it would in the old DCU. Barry’s not married or even dating Iris, if Thawne wanted to hurt Barry, I mean really hurt him, he would go after Patty.

          • Kyer says:

            Unless Thawne returned still remembering the old universe because that’s when he ‘died’.

          • Stephen says:

            The reply button seems to have disappeared in you’re below comment, not sure if it’s just me though.

            Thawne remembering the old universe doesn’t matter. Barry is still dating Patty (for now) and Iris is probably just his best friend or something. Barry would just be confused as to why an insane maniac with super-speed is attacking his best friend claiming that she’s his wife. As I said above: hurt Barry the most, hurt/kill Patty

  6. Kyer says:

    I’ve noticed that disappearing trick with Reply buttons. According to JLU The Question, it’s part of The Conspiracy to shut down Wayne Enterprises by flooding the buildings with Rubik’s Cubes.

    Either that or Kelson is trying to tell us something. 0.0

    • Kelson says:

      No conspiracy; it’s just set to only accept 5 levels of nesting. This was more of a problem with the old comment layout, where by the time you got to the fifth level, the indent was 75% of the main column and the comment itself only got about four words across. I should probably change that limit now that it’s not a problem anymore.

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