February 12, 2013

This Week: Smallville & Beyond, Flashbacks to Day of Judgment & Underworld Unleashed

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The next digital chapter of Haunted comes out this Friday in Smallville Season 11, guest-starring Impulse and Jay Garrick, the original Flash.

Justice League Beyond continues “Flashdrive,” introducing the Beyond universe’s future Flash, on Saturday. Edit: Apparently not. This week had a new chapter of Batman Beyond instead. I haven’t figured out their schedule yet.

And in digital back-issues, DC/ComiXology are releasing the following Flash and Impulse issues from the 1990s on Wednesday:

Flash #106

Flash #106: Wally West’s ex-girlfriend Magenta is back in town, and she blames him for the bad turn her life has taken since she gained magnetic powers. So naturally she takes his current girlfriend Linda Park hostage. Mark Waid, Oscar Jimenez and Jose Marzan Jr.

Flash #107: The Flash and Captain Marvel team up to fight the recently-upgraded Shadow Thief in Las Vegas during Underworld Unleashed. Mark Waid, Oscar Jimenez and Jose Marzan Jr.

This catches up to the next big chunk of Flash stories that ComiXology has had previously: Dead Heat in Flash #108-111 and Impulse #10-11.

Impulse #53

Impulse #53: Part two of Impulse vs. Inertia and Max Mercury vs. Kalibak. Todd Dezago, Angel Unzueta, Walt Simonson, Keith Williams, Scott Williams

Impulse #54: Bart Allen and his friends go to a movie and send the night camping…but on the Day of Judgment, the dead are rising from their graves. Todd Dezago, Ethan Van Sciver, Prentis Rollins. (Interestingly, The Flash didn’t have a Day of Judgment tie-in, because it was in the middle of the Dark Flash Saga at the time.)

Impulse #54