July 3, 2013

Iris Suits Up in Flash #22

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Iris in the Speed Suit

The latest What’s New in the New 52 feature at DC’s website features two preview pages from Flash #22, coming at the end of the month. I saw the thumbnail and briefly wondered if we were getting a surprise return of Jesse Quick, then saw the headline and wondered whether Iris might have been keeping a secret from her time in the speed force. Bob Harris writes:

If you’ve been reading THE FLASH, you know that the current story arc features a mysterious “Speed Force killer.” Well, in order to keep his good friend safe from this elusive murderer, Barry must find a way to make Iris undetectable to whoever is committing these crimes. Using a method similar to how he constructed his own suit, Barry makes a special protective suit for Iris that will prevent the killer from sensing the Speed Force energy in her. And while Iris doesn’t have speed powers, this suit allows her to comfortably travel at super speed.

Click through to the article to see the second page of the preview, and Iris’ reaction to super-speed. Amazing art by Francis Manapul, but by now, who’s surprised by that?