Flash Out of the Running in Superhero Tourney

After defeating Flash Gordon in the first round of the The Chicago Tribune‘s Best Superhero Tourney the Flash lost to the Silver Surfer in the “Sweet Sixteen” round with only 36% of the vote.

The “Elite Eight” has settled into mostly familiar Marvel and DC characters, with one exception: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is still in the running up against the Silver Surfer.


4 thoughts on “Flash Out of the Running in Superhero Tourney

  1. Andrew

    The vote was hijacked though. Flash was winning for most of it until someone decided to sit their computer the other night and vote continuously. I could see it happening when I voted. The surfer went from about 120 votes behind Flash to over 500 votes ahead in less than two hours.

    Same thing happened with the Buffy versus Batman contest. Someone (or a few people, i don’t know) kept repeatedly voting for Buffy. That’s alright though. These things don’t matter and are obviously open to manipulation like that (come on, Buffy beating Batman? lol).

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