Bits and Pieces: Velocity, Calendars, Fanboys and Elites

Top Cow’s Velocity comic book by has been pushed back from November to a January launch. Publisher Filip Sablik on the CBR forums:

We hit a “speed bump” (ouch!) and rather than stick with the original solicitation schedule and end up with a late book, we opted to push Velocity back to a January launch. The delay in solicitation will ensure that the series will come out in a timely fashion and Joe Casey and ChrisCross have the time to make this series truly butt-kicking.

Speed Force lost the fight for the #3 spot at Comic Blog Elite when long-established blogs The Absorbascon and 4thLetter! signed up. Now it’s trading off spots 5 and 6 with

Asgard Press is publishing a Vintage DC Super-Heroes Calendar for 2009, featuring covers from the 1930s through 1960s. It’s a 16-month calendar, and October 2008 features the cover to Showcase #4, first appearance of the Silver-Age Flash. (The Golden-Age Flash Comics #37 gets a spot too, but it’s a Hawkman cover.)

Speaking of Comic Blog Elite, MTV sent them a request/press release about casting for True Life: I’m a Fanboy: “If you appear to be between the ages of 16 and 28, and want to share the story of your fantasy obsession, email us at with all of the details. Be sure to include your name, location, phone number and a photo, if possible.”