Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2008-11-23

  • Retweet: Blog@Newsarama contributor Carla Hoffman & her husband were injured & lost their home in this weekend’s fires #
  • Read this weekend: Harley & Ivy TPB. Quite enjoyable & funny. #
  • Heroes: *sigh* Eclipses do not work that way! #
  • Also: Wondering how much fanfic has ALREADY filled in the gaps in the Sylar/Elle scene. Afraid to look, but I’m sure there’s megabytes of it #
  • Goal for tonight: Finish enough of The Batman Season 5 writeup/review that I can send it back to Netflix tomorrow. #
  • Best search-term misspelling yet: “wally the movie” #
  • Tim Kring: will avoid time travel stories “at all costs.” What power would he most like to have? “Time travel.” #
  • 90% done w/ Batman S5 review. 90% done w/ Lightspeed review. I think I’ll hold them for a bit & focus on the new Flash issue this week. #
  • Today: Hit comic store at lunch, jot down 1st impressions, groceries after work, review new Flash, watch Pushing Daisies, dig out Flash DVDs #
  • Titans readers: Does Raven still have her empathic healing powers? #
  • I was a big fan of LEGION 89 back in the day, but can’t decide whether I’m interested in this new REBELS book. #
  • New weirdest search term: “sumo wrestler comment blog:.org” #
  • Trying to figure out how best to link site to Facebook. Yes, on Saturday night. #

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