Speed Reading: Art Contest, Velocity, Quicksilver, etc.

Comic Bloc is holding a Flash fan art contest.

Top Cow has a page for their upcoming Velocity series. They’ve also solicited the second issue, which has (IMHO) much better covers. More action girl, less swimsuit model.

Comics Make No Sense looks into how Quicksilver can fly.

The Comic Treadmill discusses Adventure Comics #373-375, including the first appearance of the Tornado Twins Don and Dawn Allen.

The Exponent (Purdue University’s student newspaper) contemplates that age old question, Who would win in a fight, Flash or Green Lantern?

Not directly speedster-related, but the Occasional Superheroine ponders the shift in emphasis from stories to events in comic books since the early 1980s.


2 thoughts on “Speed Reading: Art Contest, Velocity, Quicksilver, etc.

  1. papa zero

    Mr. Chris Reigle doesn’t know much about physics. Anyone that has to qualify that “all you would have to do is trap Flash” is making a pretty big assumption and skipping a big chunk of the work right off to bat… Then stating that Flash would need a head start??? I’m curious how often Mr. Reigle has taken on opponents that travel at light speed.

  2. The Human Tornado

    Not even that but even if it came down to that head start bs Flash has the ability to not only vibrate through solid objects but his freaking boots are yellow. And yes I know it was recently said that a GL strong enough in will needn’t worry about the yellow weakness but if we are going to be unfair and leave out details on The Flash’s side we should do so on GL’s side. Not only that but isn’t a little ooc for any GL to launch a hero into space knowing full well that he can’t breathe in space?

    And no news about Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe that comes out TODAY!!! For shame…


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