Speed Reading: Countdowns and Costumes

Flash v.1 #178 takes the #4 spot on Greg Hatcher’s single-issue countdown at Comics Should Be Good.

Meanwhile Flash vs. the Rogues takes #23 in CBR’s Top 25 VS list.

Fan art: Boyblue’s DC Universe draws John Fox, Flash of the future.

Also: nothing to do with the Flash, but Bryan Lee O’Malley draws Kitty Pryde. (via Robot 6)


One thought on “Speed Reading: Countdowns and Costumes

  1. papa zero

    According to the Top 25 VS, the Rogues didn’t know that Bart didn’t have his powers. Weather Wizard actually says “Looks like neither of the fleet-foots got their speed anymore.” They see it as an oppurtunity to get payback until Abra Kadabra notices that Flash is just a “boy.” Bart is hit with the fatal gaunlet from the Rogues while running after Inertia at human speed. The villians realized that the two speedsters were running to a machine that might return their powers. The only way I can see Bart’s murder being accidental is if the Rogues all fired on Bart with non-lethal force at the same time without the intention of a synced attack. Supposedly they acted in fear that Flash would send them back to jail but all of them have been in and out of prison so many times i can’t see them being so fearful that they’d make the collective decision to kill him – a Flash they realized they didn’t even know?

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