Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2009-01-11


  • 2 weeks until DC’s solicitations for April, and we get to see whether Flash:Rebirth will launch on schedule. #
  • Interesting take: Jay Faerber on how the Image Universe works (CBR Forums). #

    The way I approach it is that each book in the Image “universe” takes priority over the universe as a whole. At Marvel and DC, it’s the opposite. The writers of Batman can’t establish that Barack Obama is the President while the writers of Superman are establishing that Lex Luthor is President. The universe has to be consistent.

    Whereas at Image, we’re not bound by that sort of thing. I know that in Savage Dragon, Barack Obama is President. In Noble Causes, we’re going to see in issue #40 that someone else is President.

    I know it can be frustrating to people who like the whole “shared universe” approach to comics, but speaking as a creator, this is the way to go. We get all the benefits of a shared universe (I can have Invincible or Savage Dragon drop by, as long as Robert and Erik say it’s okay), but I’m not bound by what they do.

  • Wow…Final Crisis #6 is actually on Diamond’s shipping list for next week. #
  • Seeing a surge in traffic on last year’s post on getting a hotel at Comic-Con. Prob. because they haven’t announced when hotel reg opens. #
  • Wow. someone actually selected the “Dread” option in the Facebook poll for Flash:Rebirth. #
  • Whoa! Review of Flash 247 has surged ahead and become the first post to break 1000 views according to WP Stats #

Twitter Movies

A meme running around to retitle movies with a Twitter theme, tagged #movietwitter.

  • I don’t think anyone’s done this one: Mariah Carey in Twitter. #
  • Or maybe Tweet Home Alabama #
  • Or even La Dolce Tweeta? #

Tacky Movies

  • Wondering if I should dig up Super Friends on Netflix or if it would be too painful. #
  • Finally watching Superman: Doomsday. #
  • Wasn’t tacky enough, so I’m watching Ice Pirates. You find the weirdest things on Netflix instant. #
  • Oh, wow… this is REALLY tacky. Sad thing is, the broken robot jokes look like they got recycled in Attack of the Clones. #

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