Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2009-02-08

  • Whoa… Just noticed I broke 1000 posts at ComicBloc sometime last week! #
  • Thank you, WordPress Autosave! (Updated a post and forgot to save it before closing the tab.) #
  • #Comiccon buzz is all NYCC, but I wonder when SDCC will even ANNOUNCE hotel availability. Last year they went on SALE 1st week of February #
  • Legion of Three Worlds 5 pushed to May 13 according to DC Direct Channel. L3W 4 comes out March 25. Issue 3 comes out tomorrow. #
  • Appropriate: “Ballad of Barry Allen” during rush hour. “Seems so slow” indeed. #
  • Anyone going to NYCC, please let me know if you make any cool Flash finds! #
  • Wow, who would’ve thought the person in the Lightning Rod was actually Jack Kirby! #
  • Just kidding of course. As I’m sure you all know by now, it was the DCU’s Grant Morrison in the lightning rod. #
  • Bought this week: Buffy, Legion of 3 Worlds, Farscape, House of Mystery, Dynamo 5, Scott Pilgrim #
  • Remind me not to read the comments section on Newsarama. I always end up depressed about humanity. Or at least comics fans. #
  • Decisions, decisions: read Scott Pilgrim v.5 tonight, or wait until I have time to reread v.1-4? Guess it depends on whether I can FIND v1-4 #
  • Amusing: EVS links US political shifts to whether Werewolves & Zombies or Vampires & Aliens are popular #
  • Flash:Rebirth Preview from NYCC #
  • Remembering something Geoff Johns said at SDCC 2006 abt how his main regret from his time on Flash was leaving the book #
  • NYCC: Mark Waid is doing a 4-issue miniseries called “The Unknown” described as Doc Savage by way of David Lynch #
  • Newsarama & CBR are slow. Twitter’s seeing SMS delays. Coincidence? Or NYCC? #
  • Following DC Nation at NYCC via Twitter, CBR, and Newsarama #
  • Catching up on NYCC News: Wildstorm: More Astro City! More Tranquility! #

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4 thoughts on “Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2009-02-08

  1. The Human Tornado

    I feel the exact same about Newsarama comments! I hate, hate reading them. But I can’t help myself most of the time. I mean they are conveniently located right there on the middle of the page or so.

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