Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2009-03-29

  • Realized how much I’ve backed away from comics forums over the last few months. And how much more relaxed I’ve been as a result. #
  • Updated the Tangent Flash yesterday #
  • Did anyone catch the voice actor playing the Flash on last Friday’s ep of Batman: The Brave and the Bold? #
  • Wings on Flash (Jay Garrick)’s helmet in Batman: BATB have a very art deco look. I approve. #
  • Watched last week’s Dollhouse. Discussing Women in Refrigerators, realized it’s run by A. DeWitt. #
  • Added the Flash (Jay Garrick) from Batman: The Brave and the Bold #
  • Preview of Mark Waid’s new The Incredibles comic #
  • 7 days to Flash:Rebirth #
  • San Diego is getting worried about the size of their convention center #
  • I find that I am a bit nervous at the prospect of clicking on a link from @warrenellis that is simply labeled “Ahahaha” #
  • Thanks to @shanajeanh for confirming that this is safe. And I have to agree with @warrenellis’ assessment. #
  • Search turned up Flash Rogues RPers @WeatherWizard, @HeatWaveMick, @MirrorMaster and @CaptainCold #followfriday via @fuzzytypewriter #
  • Wow: Saturday is 93% sold out for Comic-Con International (San Diego). Order your tickets ASAP. #
  • Bees setting up in apartment – again. Every time I have to fight the urge to say “Bees. My God.” #
  • Saturday at Comic-Con International is 97% sold out. That’s up from 93% just 5 hours ago. Time’s running out. #
  • Last issue of Noble Causes comes out same day as first issues of Flash:Rebirth. And both feature the return of a speedster. #

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