Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2009-05-03

  • RT @choochoobear: I refuse to spoiler alert a story written in 1843
  • Will this year’s Wizard World Philadelphia be the last? Some fans think so
  • History of the DC Universe via Grumpy Old Fan
  • Creation of the @Opera web browser in comic strip form
  • Fallen Angel relaunch in July, guest-starring Illyria from Angel. Looking forward to this.
  • Also: they’re calling it Fallen Angel: Reborn. And the schedule overlaps with Flash: Rebirth. Amusing.
  • Dan Didio: “We can argue the characteristics and what it takes to be a zombie – preferably over several rounds of drinks”
  • Ahh, so that’s why DC was being so quiet about Adventure Comics. Spoilers for LO3W #4
  • Funny how making a ~10-item list can take longer than writing a detailed review.
  • What you need to know about Wolverine: Heals fast, super-sharp claws, grumpy.
  • RT: Remember to actually buy some books on FCBD! Try a NEW book at every store you go to. (RT @johannadc: RT @SCederlund RT @CNESEMAN)
  • RT @pitrpatr: Barry Allen had all the good problems, didn’t he?
  • Blackest Night #0 didn’t do anything to get me interested in the event. Powers vol.12, however, had me hooked after a several-year break

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