Quick Thoughts: Twitter Through 2009-05-24

  • Star Trek and an Earthquake.
  • “T-shirts are 110% bio-friendly…they actually leave the environment better than it was before you bought the shirt.”
  • Local theater @ocpac says “this week is filled w/dance, dance, dance” – and that’s not counting the Final Crisis Aftermath!
  • So Flash: Rebirth, Batman Reborn, and Fallen Angel: Reborn will all overlap in publishing schedule. That’s a lot of born-again superheroes.
  • Odd: Last time I commented at The Source, it was moderated. This time it went straight through. Maybe they only mod new commenters?
  • Retweeting @VanetaRogers: My final Green/Guggenheim interview re: fiction on TV – this time focused on ratings
  • Interview at CBR with J.T.Krul, writer on Titans #15 & Blackest Night: Titans
  • 10 years ago today I was really, really tired after seeing a 3AM showing of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.
  • Yes, Flash outsold Wolverine last month.
  • Is Barry Allen’s return contentious? “Not at all” says Dan Didio at Bristol Comic Expo.
  • Looks like I’m closest to Braniac. Which Superman villain are you?
  • FTC wants bloggers to disclose compensation. Remember that controversy over reviewers disclosing freebies?
  • Retweeting @karlkerschl: The 100th episode of my #webcomic The Abominable Charles Christopher is now online!
  • Finally watched Smallville season finale. Not used to the JLA as cannon fodder, but what the heck, it’s Smallville, not JLA.
  • Preview of next week’s Justice Society of America #27.
  • RT @Robot6: Thursday passes sell out for Comic-Con International. That leaves Sunday.
  • Was going to listen to Word Balloon w/ Geoff Johns at lunch, but forgot my headphones.
  • EVS confirmed for HeroesCon next month.
  • Experimenting with comment threading on speedforce.org – Let’s see how well this works.
  • Just got spam advertising an “Anti-Crisis Sale.” There’s an idea: put a discount on every comic that’s NOT part of a big event!
  • Terminator made $13.37 million on Thursday. Seems appropriate for a movie about robots and AI.
  • RT @karlkerschl: A progress shot of The Flash being inked for Wednesday #Comics.
  • Just made the 2,000th post on my other blog, looking back at…the year 2000.
  • Ah, free time! Just caught up on 7 first issues I’ve picked up over the last few weeks. (5 of them are miniseries)
  • Finally canceled my backup hotel for SDCC. I’m sure the room will find its way to someone who needs it.
  • Comic Treadmill indexes Astro City #16-20. I’ll have to re-read these sometime.

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