Quick Thoughts: Weekly Twitter for 2009-07-05

  • ComicBloc reduced to flaming about nicknames, bow tie, and Iris’ age. Better? Maybe. Feels like arguing abt what color the wheel should be #
  • So Firefox, Safari and Opera all support webfonts now. Time to look into a good headline font. #
  • Still not used to Wizard World Chicago going back to Chicago Comic-Con. Add in Big Apple & Toronto, & WW branding seems to be fading. #CCC #
  • RT @SpeedsterSite: Jay Garrick confirmed to be “featured” in CRY FOR JUSTICE. #
  • Wally’s new costume now qualifies as a FAQ. No, it’s NOT the one in Last Days of Animal Man. #
  • Looking up theaters in San Diego to see what’s on during #SDCC. It’s amazing how many of their websites seem to want to hide their location. #
  • Oh, good, DC Nation is AFTER Flash Forward (no relation)! Maybe I can make it to both. #
  • Back to Flash, I’d guess any big announcements will be either at the Geoff Johns spotlight Thursday or DC Nation Friday. #
  • Wow. Retweeting @SpeedsterSite: Ethan Van Sciver: FLASH: REBIRTH #1 goes to 4th printing! Unbelievable! Thanks everyone. 🙂 #
  • Dear theaters: when you have a show at 12:00am Friday, PLEASE CLARIFY whether you mean it literally (Thursday evening) or Friday evening. #
  • Huh. www.ask-the-question.net is an actual live website. #
  • Hey, it’s still #followfriday here! Some comics writer-types: @MarkWaid, @GailSimone, @GeoffJohns0, @TomPeyer, @Matt_Sturges #
  • Also the Flash in Wednesday Comics creative team of @KarlKerschl and @BrendenFletcher #followfriday #
  • OK, Ghostbusters and Fellowship of the Ring have been watched, dishes have been washed, and I should probably go to bed… #
  • Cool! Wish I had time to read the big update to the Unauthorized Chronology of the DCU. #

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