Comic-Con 2010 Hotel Block Opens March 18

I’m pleasantly surprised that Comic-Con International and/or Travel Planners has gotten their act together for next year’s convention. Before attendance (and hotel rush) went completely insane, they used to send out hotel info with their fall newsletter or in a postcard around December (or maybe January), but over the last two years it’s been pushed later and later. For 2009, they didn’t even announce a date for hotel reservations until February…a month before they opened. The list of hotels went up even later — the day before, IIRC.

The fall newsletter, now an online magazine, went up today, and along with it not just the date for reservations, but a list of hotels…including distance, prices, and shuttle stops. Hotel reservations go online March 18, 2010.

Additionally, they’ve made some interesting changes that may help combat the craziness:

  • Reservations will now require an immediate deposit of one night’s stay
  • Deposits are fully refundable until May 14.
  • From May 15 to June 17, there’s a $75 cancellation fee.
  • From June 18 onward, deposits are nonrefundable.

With luck that’ll cut down on some of the “just in case…” extra reservations, now that there’s an actual financial commitment to it.

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1 thought on “Comic-Con 2010 Hotel Block Opens March 18

  1. El R

    I got my first hotel pick, one of the Headquarters Hotels, then I logged into the reservation system yesterday (Friday) afternoon to pay for the first night with my credit card, to secure my room. After entering my information I was taken to a screen that informed me: “RESERVATION HAS ALREADY BEEN CANCELED”. and there was no way to proceed. So I am screwed, with NO hotel for ComicCon. What were they thinking giving us 5 days to pay with a credit card when 2 of those days are a weekend, and “customer service”, both email and phone are closed on weekends? They were pretty confident that there would be NO problems that needed to be addressed on the first weekend after hotel registration opened. The “new” system stinks, last year was much smoother for me.

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