Quick Thoughts: Weekly Twitter for 2009-12-20

  • Walking to lunch. The Bat-Ice Cream Truck just drove by again. #
  • Saturday at Comic-Con is already at 70% capacity. I’m starting to believe the show will sell out by New Year’s. # (Tuesday)
  • So, Connor’s back with the Teen Titans. Can Bart be far behind? #
  • Busy…going to have to pick up new comics tomorrow. I’d save them until next week, but one of them is The Unknown. #
  • Last month I ran a FB poll on whether DC should postpone BN:Flash until Rebirth wraps. It was 50/50. The results might be different now#
  • Really? Blackest Night is beating Scott Pilgrim in the Limited Series/OGN poll? Why are they the same category, anyway? #
  • Saturday at Comic-Con sold out last night. Plenty of tickets left for the rest of the weekend, though. # (Friday morning)
  • I think I’ll just try to relax & take in this ocean view, & catch up on Flash news later. (You go away for one Xmas party…) #

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