Velocity #1 Now Online…FREE!

With issue #3 coming out in a couple of weeks (December 8, the same week as the next issue of The Flash), Top Cow has released the first issue of the Velocity miniseries online…free!

Cyberforce’s speedster has one hour to find a cure for a deadly virus before it kills her teammates — and herself. It’s engaging, has fantastic artwork, and is surprisingly new-reader-friendly. (Here are my reviews of the first two issues.)

You can read the full issue at Newsarama. UPDATE: CBR’s copy of the issue is larger, making it easier to read the yellow-on-green text.


2 thoughts on “Velocity #1 Now Online…FREE!

  1. figmentPez

    The issue being free would be nice if it could actually be read. The yellow on green text boxes of Velocity thinking to herself are mostly illegible. Even the black and white text boxes are hard to read.

    This is just a further reminder that the print comic industry has no clue about online and digital functionality.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Ugh, I’d forgotten about the narrative boxes. I first read this issue in the form of a PDF provided as an advance review copy, and it was tough even there. I had to zoom in to read them, then zoom out again to follow the art and layout. Fortunately on the PDF I could zoom in. On a JPEG you just get giant pixels.

      Maybe another site has a higher-res preview. I saw a headline on CBR this morning, but the link was broken at the time.


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