Google Reader Replacement: Feedly

If you follow Speed Force with Google Reader, you’re probably scrambling to find a replacement before it shuts down on July 1. Or maybe you’ve picked one already.

Personally, I ended up going with Feedly. Feedly started out as a nicer way of using Google Reader’s service, but over the last few months they’ve built their own system to handle everything behind the scenes, as well as added a purely web-based app that you can access in any browser (previously they only had the mobile apps and Chrome/Firefox extensions). Best of all, there’s a button right on the front page that will transfer everything from Google Reader to Feedly.

So if you haven’t picked a replacement for Google Reader yet, check out Feedly.


3 thoughts on “Google Reader Replacement: Feedly

  1. Kyer

    That’s what that thing is!
    I’ve had this weird icon show up on my browser bookmark toolbar (which I use for frequented site checks) ever since I visited a news site. Don’t know how it got on there but sometimes it’s useful when I’m looking for international news so haven’t deleted the thing. Huh. RSS.

    Larn sumthin nu avera dey. 😀


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