Help Me Raise Money for Food Allergy Research

This weekend, I’m raising money for Food Allergy Research and Education through the FARE Walk for Food Allergy. Speed Force readers have helped sponsor me in the past, and I’m asking for your help again this year.

Food allergies can range from mild to life-threatening — yes, people die — and those of us on the far end of the range need to be constantly on the watch for hidden ingredients and cross-contact between foods we can eat and foods we can’t.

Photo by tamburix

Photo by tamburix (CC)

I’ve lived with a peanut allergy for my entire life. One of my earliest memories is my face swelling up because I rubbed my eyes after feeding peanuts to ducks when I was around four years old. I’ve used EpiPens on several occasions and once went to the ER for two sips of coffee with unlabeled peanuts in it. (During SDCC, making me miss an entire afternoon of the con.)

FARE funds studies to explore the causes of food allergy and develop new therapies. They run outreach programs to make it safer to visit restaurants, or just be at school or the workplace.

In the fallout from the Mylan/EpiPen pricing scandal, FARE has stopped accepting money from companies that market epinephrine auto-injectors until there is “meaningful competition” in the market. For now, the EpiPen is the biggest game in town, but several companies have devices working their way through the approval process.

Please donate now and help make life a bit more livable for the 15 million Americans living with food allergies.

Thank you!


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