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Speed Reading: Casting, Powers, Moose and Waid

Winged Lions Quiver looks at Flash casting rumors. Kneel Before Zod casts the Flash’s Rogues.

Nwego’s Dirty Mind looks at the Barry vs. Wally debate.

Lordportico ponders the nature of the Flash’s super-speed [Edit: the author moved this to a new blog in April] [Edit 2: The author seems to have removed the article entirely. I wish I’d been a little more descriptive in this link, since I don’t remember what the approach was.]

Flash-back podcast has a new installment focusing on the Speed Force (not this blog, of course, but the concept it was named after).

Major Spoilers has a sneak peek at Mark Waid’s Irredeemable, while the writer himself has launched a podcast, 15 Minutes With Waid, starting with Inside Potter’s Field. (I quite liked the first two issues of the Potter’s Field miniseries that came out last(?) year, and would definitely be interested in more.)

A Comic Bloc discussion over why Moose Baumann is no longer the colorist on Flash: Rebirth has made it to Lying in the Gutters.

Mark Waid: Incredible or Irredeemable?

IrredeemableMark Waid has been in the comics news a lot this week, with two upcoming series.

Newsarama Interviews Mark Waid about his Incredibles comic, launching in March. (Coincidentally, I re-watched the film this weekend, and it definitely holds up.)

Then there’s the website and T-shirts proclaiming that Mark Waid is Evil (a sentiment with which certain *ahem* posters on the DC Message Boards would seem to agree). Robot 6 breaks the news that it’s a promo for a new ongoing series called Irredeemable, about what happens when the world’s greatest super-hero turns into the world’s greatest super-villain.

This has a “Look out, Jimmy! Superman’s turned EVIL!” rating of 10/10.