February 10, 2014

Flash #29 Robot Chicken Variant Cover

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TV Guide has a look at the first eight of April’s Robot Chicken-themed variant covers for DC Comics, including The Flash #29. (via Newsarama)

Flash 29 Robot Chicken Variant Cover

January 25, 2014

Flash #27 Preview and Scribblenauts Variant Cover

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Nerdist has a preview of The Flash #27, the first of a three-part story by writer Brian Buccellato and artist Patrick Zircher. Pasqual Ferry provides the cover for the issue, due in stores next week.

Flash #27 Cover

The summary has the Flash facing “a mystical serial killer who might be responsible for his mother’s murder,” but the preview focuses on a jewelry heist by Chroma (an updated Rainbow Raider) and Tar Pit.

(For those wondering about the presence of one of the villains, remember that everything up through #29 takes place before Forever Evil.)

Also included in the preview is the Scribblenauts variant cover, a riff on the classic Showcase #4 — the first appearance of Barry Allen.

Flash #27 Scribblenauts Variant Cover

January 9, 2014

Steampunk Flash #28 (and Earth 2 #20) Variant Covers

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DC Comics has revealed 10 steampunk-themed covers at CBR out of 20 variants planned for February’s comics, including Flash #28 by Howard Chaykin and Earth 2 #20 by Dan Panosian.

Flash #28 Steampunk Variant by Howard Chaykin

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January 7, 2014

Scribblenauts/Flash of Two Worlds Cover for Earth 2 #19

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DC Comics has released a preview of Earth 2 #19, including the Scribblenauts variant cover…one which should look very familiar to Flash fans:

Earth 2 #19 Scribblenauts Variant: Flash of Two Worlds

It’s an homage to the classic Flash #123 cover, featuring Barry Allen and Jay Garrick…but this time it’s their New 52 versions as seen through the Scribblenauts style.

March 15, 2013

MAD Flash Cover Revealed

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MAD Flash #19 Variant Cover by Sam Viviano

So to speak.

Many of DC’s comics are getting MAD Magazine-inspired variant covers in April, including The Flash #19. This Sam Viviano cover was unveiled at Uproxx Gamma Squad on Wednesday. That may not have been the best place for it, since I literally saw no sign or commentary about it for two days — and I’d been looking!

I’m reminded of this Fred Hembeck strip about the Flash on laundry day.

April 24, 2012

Flash #9 Variant Cover by Tony Daniel

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DC has released the variant cover to Flash #9 (the Gorilla City issue) by Tony Daniel, inked by Sandu Florea and colored by Tomeu Morey.