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Annotations: Flash #274, “The Mark of the Beast”

We’re back with the latest entry in our series of Flash breakdowns.  This week’s focus is issue #274, the last chapter on the way to the momentous issue #275!  Links to additional artwork and research are included throughout this post.

UP TO SPEED:  Last week, Flash attempted to unravel the mysterious appearance of a psychic female fan, while dealing with an internal drug smuggling operation at the Central City Police Department in his civilian guise.  Iris continued to reach for Barry’s attention, but lost out to a massive prison riot spurred by the controversial Nephron Project! 

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Annotations: Flash #273 – “Harvest of Hate”

Welcome to the latest entry in our breakdowns of classic Flash comics, leading up to Showcase Presents: The Trial of the Flash!  This week, we’ll check out issue #273, a pivotal chapter on the road to the historic #275.

UP TO SPEED:  Last week, we saw Flash take down The Clown.  As Barry Allen, our hero also uncovered a heroin smuggling operation that was using his lab as a drop point.  Meanwhile, he and Iris struggled to make time for each other as Barry’s obligations to his police work and his Flash duties took complete hold of his attention. 

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Annotations: Flash #272 – “The Girl With the Master Mind…”

Welcome to the third entry in our breakdowns of Flash stories by Cary Bates!  We’re counting down to the July 20th release of Showcase Presents: The Trial of the Flash.

UP TO SPEED:  Last week, we saw the Flash and three Central City “V.I.P.’s” at the mercy of the Clown!  Meanwhile, Barry Allen was dealing with the onset of Dr. Nephron’s controversial criminal-rehabilitation procedures, and the growing frustrations of his wife!

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Annotations: Trial of the Flash – Issue #271

Welcome to the second entry in our breakdown of Flash stories from the late 1970s and early 1980s, leading up to the July 20th release of “The Trial of the Flash”!

UP TO SPEED:  Last week we looked at Flash #270 and the introduction of the mysterious Clown, who seemed to have gotten the best of Barry Allen.  We also witnessed the birth of Dr. Nephron’s prisoner rehabilitation program, a female fan out to “ensnare” our hero, a jilted Iris Allen, and a heroin smuggling operation based in Barry’s crime lab! 

This week, we’ll review the events of issue 271. 

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Annotations – Trial of the Flash: Introduction and Issue #270

Welcome to the first installment in our analysis of the soon-to-be-reprinted “Trial of the Flash”, and related Flash storylines!

Arguably the most praised and vilified pre-Crisis Flash tale, the Trial story was written by Cary Bates, began in 1983 and ran through the title’s cancellation in 1985.  With seeds in stories from as far back as 1979, the Trial was essentially the collision of years of Flash plot threads.  These stories are some of the earliest examples of long-form, soap-opera style writing in DC Comics.

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