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Speed Reading: Rebirth Recap, Cool Moment, TwoMorrows Sale, and More

First panel of Noah Van Sciver's Flash: Rebirth RecapSome light weekend linkblogging:

Wizard has a couple of comic-strip recaps of the first two issues of Flash: Rebirth by Ethan Van Sciver’s brother, Noah Van Sciver.

Comics Should Be Good continues a week of Flash-themed Cool Comic Moments with Flash vs. Züm from Grant Morrison’s JLA: New World Order. (Züm of the Hyperclan would probably be forgotten if it weren’t for this moment.)

TwoMorrows, publishers of The Flash Companion, is having a 50%-off sale on their website. The Flash Companion itself isn’t one of the discounted items, but you can pick up some other Companion volumes (Including Justice League Companion and The Titans Companion vol.2), some Modern Masters books, collections of Alter Ego, Brick Journal, etc.

Pushing Daisies Season 2 DVDAnd totally off-topic, SciFi Wire has an article on Why you should watch the final episodes of Pushing Daisies. I really liked this show and was disappointed when ABC canceled it halfway through this season. The final three episodes will be broadcast Saturday nights starting today, and the DVD release is in July. The SciFi Wire article is a good primer on the concept, characters, and appeal of the show.