November 21, 2012

This Week: Impulse vs. History

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Impulse #36

ComiXology has paused in its digital Flash reprints (last week their library caught up with a large chunk of previously-released issues), but Impulse is still going.

Impulse #35: Part 2 of The Devonian Age, in which a villain alters history to make himself ruler of the world…but the timeline isn’t exactly stable, as Impulse and Max Mercury find out.

Impulse #36: Bart and his friends testify in court about the events a few issues back when they caught a group of criminals dumping toxic waste outside town. Also: Impulse shaves his head, because, y’know, it seemed like a good idea at the time.

4 responses to “This Week: Impulse vs. History”

  1. I never understood why they had Impulse shave his head. He did it, his hair was gone, I think he appeared in some other titles without hair, and then his hair grew back, with no real reason for it all. I recall it as a weird moment, like the creative team started something — bringing in a new costume, maybe — that they didn’t finish.

    • Kyer says:

      Considering some of the strange hair (or no hair) styles I’ve seen on people while at work…? At least he didn’t start sporting nose rings and tongue beads.

    • Kelson says:

      I think it was just supposed to be one of those things that Bart doesn’t think through.

    • kylemac says:

      IIRC, Bart’s long hair is pretty yankable and, shortly before the shaving, it had been getting yanked a LOT more than usual, which irritated Bart.