This Week: Impulse vs. History

Impulse #36

ComiXology has paused in its digital Flash reprints (last week their library caught up with a large chunk of previously-released issues), but Impulse is still going.

Impulse #35: Part 2 of The Devonian Age, in which a villain alters history to make himself ruler of the world…but the timeline isn’t exactly stable, as Impulse and Max Mercury find out.

Impulse #36: Bart and his friends testify in court about the events a few issues back when they caught a group of criminals dumping toxic waste outside town. Also: Impulse shaves his head, because, y’know, it seemed like a good idea at the time.


4 thoughts on “This Week: Impulse vs. History

  1. Collected Editions

    I never understood why they had Impulse shave his head. He did it, his hair was gone, I think he appeared in some other titles without hair, and then his hair grew back, with no real reason for it all. I recall it as a weird moment, like the creative team started something — bringing in a new costume, maybe — that they didn’t finish.

    1. Kyer

      Considering some of the strange hair (or no hair) styles I’ve seen on people while at work…? At least he didn’t start sporting nose rings and tongue beads.

    2. kylemac

      IIRC, Bart’s long hair is pretty yankable and, shortly before the shaving, it had been getting yanked a LOT more than usual, which irritated Bart.

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