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A New Flash #1 Hits the Ground Running (Review)

FLS-Cv1-r1-50f2fThis volume of THE FLASH gets off to a good start with issue #1, retelling the origin of the Flash and reintroducing us to the cast of characters…but there is a twist here that is important to note. It may seem a little much to restate the origin of the Flash again (after addressing it a bit in FLASH REBIRTH), but there are some really good reasons to do so here.  This does represent a good jumping on point for new fans, but it also takes a few beats to establish just what being Barry (and being The Flash) means in this new era, pulling key points from past iterations of the Scarlet Speedster. And, the origin story is echoed in a way that directly sets up the arc. We’ll have more for you on all of that…right after the jump.



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Titans (Back) Together – Review of TITANS REBIRTH #1

titans rebirthThe welcome home tour for the original Wally West continues straight out of the pages of FLASH REBIRTH, as Wally returns to his first super-team, the Titans! Will his friends remember him? And, if they don’t, what happens next? One thing is for certain…fans of the original Wally are (so far) ecstatic with his depiction since his return to the DCU. Whether that trend continues…is something we’ll talk about more after the jump as we look at TITANS REBIRTH #1!


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Joshua Williamson Gets It Right! – FLASH REBIRTH #1 (review)

5242387-flsreb_cv1_dsI was already a Joshua Williamson fan from his work on books like GHOSTED and NAILBITER, and I have been looking forward to his first work on my favorite speedster. Turns out, Williamson is a fan of the Flash…and it shows in his work on this first issue. FLASH REBIRTH is a great jumping on point for Barry…and Wally, and it hits a whole list of great points that we will discuss….after the jump!


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Flash New Comics Day! FLASH #52 and REBIRTH #1!

This may turn out to have been one of the biggest days in FLASH history…at least it’s the biggest day in the last several years. We see the end of a terrific run from Van Jensen and company on THE FLASH, and we find HUGE TERRIFIC NEWS WITH SPOILERS ALL OVER THE PLACE in REBIRTH #1! If you are a Flash fan and aren’t happy today, there is something seriously, seriously wrong with you. And, if you want to know more, just follow us after the jump!


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“The Race of His Life” Season 2 Finale of THE FLASH (review)

This is the episode we’ve been waiting for – the ultimate showdown between The Flash and Zoom! Who will win (okay, we can guess that, but how?).  Who is the man in the mask? Will we be able to deal with the wait for Season 3? We can answer at least some of those questions right here, right now as we review the Season 2 Finale of THE FLASH!


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“Invincible” – Review of Ep 2.22 of THE FLASH

HOLY CRAP! That’s not how I usually start a review, but if you aren’t saying something similar after THIS episode of THE FLASH, I don’t know what show you are watching. This is the penultimate episode of Season 2, and I cannot think of a better way to absolutely guarantee you will be there for the finale than what happens this week. There are so many things to say…after the jump!


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