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“All’s Well That Ends Wells” Review of THE FLASH S7E1

The Flash is back! At least the series is back as we get the premiere of Season 7. This episode has a LOT going on, with revelations all around and a very tragic shocker near episode’s end. While there are some minor details that can be picked apart, the overall premiere was outstanding. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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INFINITE FRONTIER #0 has hit comic shops, and there are some true surprises in store for comics fans in general and Flash fans in particular. There is SO much in this oversized issue that we won’t be able to cover everything here. BUT, we will have the “Big Scoop” items below. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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The Future’s So Dark – Review of FUTURE STATE: THE FLASH 2

FUTURE STATE gives us a possible future for the heroes of the DC Omniverse and those who follow in their footsteps. This Future State centers on Barry and Wally, giving us a very grim outlook for what may lie ahead years from now. It makes the New 52 look like an upbeat kids’ story by comparison. To paraphrase something very well known in other media – Who lives, who dies, and who tells their story? If you wanna know more, follow us after the jump!


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The Deconstruction of Wally West – Review of FUTURE STATE: THE FLASH #1

The “Future State” of DC, in all it’s issues so far, appears dark enough to make the New 52 seem like sunshine and happiness. Where would that leave the Flash Family? In certain disarray…and that doesn’t even begin to describe the trouble they are in. Wanna know more? Follow us after the jump!


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Review of “Tales From the Dark Multiverse: FLASHPOINT”

The Dark Multiverse is where the consequences of bad luck or bad decisions play out. Those worlds are where the worst possible outcomes happen…and here we get a Dark Multiverse version of FLASHPOINT. This is one of the most consequential story lines of the past few years…with tie-in characters that have even gone through the mainstream of the DCU. Here, we see what would have happened if…well, if you wanna know more, follow us after the jump!



This version of FLASHPOINT picks up just when Barry is trying to draw the lightning down to regain his powers. In the original story, that worked. In THIS version, the lightning kills Barry, and the hope of changing the world back dies with him! The story shifts to star Eobard Thawne, now in an amalgam of his and Barry’s uniform, as he tries to remake things to suit his own twisted desires. The war between Atlantis and Themyscira threatens to overwhelm the entire world, but Thawne has an answer…

He kills Aquaman and threatens Wonder Woman as he throws Arthur Curry’s lifeless body to the ground. Thawne’s intent is to save the United States…and to own America as well! Of course there are more battles, but Thawne has that ability to rewrite the timeline on his own…which means he can make things go his own warped way.

Only Thomas Wayne/Batman knows what Thawne knows – that this world wasn’t meant to be this way.  Wayne gets help to spring their version of Superman from captivity, and they spring a trap for Thawne. That would have worked, too, except for one thing…

Thomas Wayne wants to make a deal with Thawne. He wants his son Bruce to live. To get that to happen, he kills Superman!

Eventually Thawne remakes all of history. When the battle gets too tough, he simply goes through time, rewriting things to suit himself and creating his own strange version of the Justice League. Eobard Thawne. Is. The. Flash!


  • Even if you are among the few who haven’t heard of the original FLASHPOINT, you should be up to speed quickly. Fans who read the original won’t be disappointed by how this story veers off into the Dark Multiverse.
  • Even with all the details in this article, there is a LOT more story to be told. It takes the FLASHPOINT framework and blasts it into new territory, with a tale just as powerful as the original
  • Bryan Hitch scripts and pencils this book – and I’m blown away by how good this book is. Ditto for the rest of the art team – Andrew Currie & Scott Hanna on inks, Alex Sinclair and Jeremiah Skipper with colors, and Rob Leigh on letters.


This is by far the BEST of the Dark Multiverse tie-ins. DO NOT MISS THIS. It’s a 10/10 for me. Of course, that’s just my opinion. What do YOU think? Leave your comments below!

Endless Winter Arrives! Review of THE FLASH #767

We’ve seen the start of ENDLESS WINTER, and this multi-title story moves to THE FLASH with this issue. Just how does Barry fit into the story…and what does Black Adam have to do with the whole thing? You’ll get at least some answers here – and if you wanna know more, follow us after the jump!


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