October 17, 2014

Heroclix Unboxed

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WizKids has posted a new video on their YouTube account which shows the opening of two bricks (cases) of the Flash Heroclix set. It’s pretty amazing because it gives us our first looks at some of the figures, and is also the first confirmation of some of the figures’ existence. We now know that the Rival, XS, Tornado Twins, the first Trickster, and Dr Alchemy will be in the set, for example. And some of the Heroclix (such as Tar Pit, Zoom, and others) had only been seen before in a single blurry photo. The video is about twenty minutes long, but is well worth watching.

The first part of the set will be released on October 22, and the rest will become available in mid-November. I’m really looking forward to it!

First Look At TV’s Heat Wave

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A gentleman named Nigel Horsley has posted some photos of the Flash television film crew at his Flickr account, including our first look at Heat Wave (played by Dominic Purcell). He’s wearing an outfit from the fire department, which raises the question of Heat Wave’s origin in the TV series; did he steal a firefighter’s clothes, or is he a member of the Central City fire department?

The cast appears to be filming the tenth episode of the series, which features Captain Cold and Heat Wave teamed up together. There are also some pretty good shots of Cold’s parka in the photo gallery.

Also, CBR has an interview with Geoff Johns about the series, in which he talks about the tone of the show and how they’re embracing comic books. It’s worth reading.

Flash #35 Preview is Up!

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Flash #35The Flash #35 comes out next week and concludes the storyline that began back in #30 and Flash Annual #3. The Future Flash has arrived in the present, but based on what we’ve seen so far, his plans for present-day Barry Allen aren’t too friendly!

Preview at Uproxx. Written by Robert Venditti and Van Jensen. Art by Brett Booth, Norm Rapmund and Andrew Dalhouse.

DC Variant Covers Go All-Flash in January!

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DC has announced the theme for January 2015’s variant covers, and in honor of the Flash’s 75th Anniversary, the theme is: The Flash!

Each of the 22 covers is an homage to a classic comic book cover, made a little…Flashier.  And the variant for The Flash #38 is, appropriately enough, a Howard Porter take on Flash of Two Worlds!

Flash 38 Cover Variant by Howard Porter

Images via CBR, IGN, ComicVine, Newsarama and HitFix. Here’s the list of credits according to Newsarama:

Batman/Superman #18 by Jim Lee
Action Comics #38 by Dave Johnson
Aquaman #38 by Steve Rude
Batgirl #38 by Aaron Lopresti
Batman #38 by Tony Daniel & Tomeu Morey
Batman & Robin #38 by Dave Bullock
Batman/Superman #18 by Jim Lee, Scott Williams, & Alex Sinclair
Catwoman #38 by Ty Templeton
Detective Comics #38 by Josh Middleton
The Flash #38 by Howard Porter & HiFi Color
Harley Quinn #14 by Bruce Timm
Grayson #6 by Jock
Green Lantern #38 by Dog Mahnke & David Baron
Green Lantern Corps #38 by Bill Sienkievicz
JLU #8 by Karl Kerschl & Dave McCaig
Justice League #38 by Tony Harris
Justice League Dark #38 by Kelley Jones
Justice League United #8 by Karl Kerschl and Dave McCaig
New Teen Titans #6 by Michael Allred & Laura Allred
Sinestro #9 by Ethan Van Sciver & Alex Sinclair
Supergirl #38 by Michael Avon Oeming & Rico Renzi
Superman #38 by Kevin Nowlan
Superman/Wonder Woman #15 by Ivan Reis & Alex Sinclair
Wonder Woman #38 by Terry & Rachel Dodson

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THE FLASH Episode 2 Review – The Pilot Was No Fluke!

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The second episode of THE FLASH proves one very important thing – the pilot was no fluke.  This series is for real, and is easily the best superhero show to come along in many years (with apologies to all ARROW, GOTHAM, S.H.I.E.L.D. and other fans). We won’t spoil the HUGE surprise at the end of the show…and what a moment it is…but we can give you at least some highlights here.

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October 15, 2014

For New Readers: A Guide To Other Flash Villains

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new rogues Hello new Flash fans and curious readers! Welcome to Flash fandom, and I hope you enjoy your stay :)

Part One of this piece covers the Reverse Flashes and major Rogues (the more popular ones). This part covers Gorilla Grodd, as well as some more minor villains who may appear in the television series –­ many of these characters were co-created by the show’s producer/writer Geoff Johns, and he’ll probably revisit them at some point. It’s already known that Girder will appear.

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