This Week (July 30): Welcome to Earth-2

There are no Flash-specific titles this week, but the Golden-Age Flash, Jay Garrick, appears regularly in Justice Society of America.

Justice Society of America Annual #1

“Welcome to Earth-2!” Power Girl has made a life for herself on our world, as a member and chairwoman of the Justice Society of America and as a hero in her own right.

But she’s never stopped dreaming of one day returning to her Earth — the parallel world where the members of the Justice Society were the only heroes. Where her best friend was Helena Wayne, the daughter of Batman. And where evil was a little easier to fight…wasn’t it? As her greatest wish comes true, Power Girl’s about to find herself back on Earth-2, surrounded by friends she thought she’d lost forever.

Written by Geoff Johns; Art by Jerry Ordway; Cover by Alex Ross

Update: As it turns out, the Flash doesn’t appear in this issue, except as part of a full-team pin-up.


One thought on “This Week (July 30): Welcome to Earth-2

  1. BrianR

    This was actually the only comic I bought this week (very slow week for most fans), and I didn’t think it was that great. I enjoyed seeing Robin of Earth 2 again because I always thought he had a cool costume, but if you weren’t a Huntress or Power Girl fan this wasn’t the issue for you. The cover was awesome though.

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