Flash Archives 5 Coming in 2009

Flash Archives 5Keith Dallas (author of The Flash Companion) spotted The Flash Archives Volume 5 on Amazon.com, with a release date of March 10, 2009.

The detail page doesn’t list contents, just that it’s 248 pages. Like most of DC’s Archive Editions, the list price is $50 (still less than it would cost to track down the originals in decent condition), but Amazon is currently offering it at a 37% discount.

Dallas figures that it most likely contains stories from the Silver Age Flash #133–140, which would include:

  • the introduction of Professor Zoom (#139) and Heat Wave (#140);
  • stories with Abra Kadabra (#133), Captain Cold (#134), Mirror Master (#136) and Pied Piper (#138);
  • another Jay Garrick/Barry Allen team-up, this one involving the entire Justice Society of America against Vandal Savage (in fact, this is the first JSA appearance of the Silver Age);
  • and the tale of Kid Flash finally losing the “Mini-Me” costume for the yellow one he joined the Teen Titans with (#135)

Interestingly enough, going through Flash #140 would exactly match the current span of the cheaper, black-and-white Showcase Presents: The Flash collections (volumes 1 and 2).

Update (October 2008): The official solicitation is out, and it covers #133-141 — one more issue than predicted. The additional issue contains another milestone: the first appearance of the Rogues’ tailor, Paul Gambi.


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