This Week (Jan 2): Justice League & Society

Remember: This week’s comics arrive on Friday instead of Wednesday due to the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Justice League of America #28

The Shadow Cabinet has stolen the mortal remains of Dr. Light. The Justice League has vowed to bring them down. Plus, Shadow Thief has returned deadlier than ever before, and you won’t believe the source of his new powers.

Written by Dwayne McDuffie. Art and cover by Ed Benes

Note: JLA #28 has been shuffled around like a deck of cards, but Diamond says it’s coming out this week.

Justice Society of America #22

Concluding the sequel to Kingdom Come and featuring several pages of painted interiors by Alex Ross! The Justice Society have had their greatest wishes granted, but at what deadly price? As war breaks out among the Justice Society, the cost of Gog’s watchful eye comes to light. But removing Gog from Earth will cost more than they could ever imagine. This finale will leave the Justice Society torn apart…and see a new team rise out of the ashes!

Written by Geoff Johns & Alex Ross.
Art by Alex Ross and Dale Eaglesham & Nathan Massengill.
Cover by Alex Ross.
Variant cover by Dale Eaglesham & Nathan Massengill

Final Crisis: Secret Files #1

Finally, the secrets of this year’s most talked about event can be revealed! Witness how Darkseid’s death shattered the Multiverse, creating continuity ripples throughout the DC Universe! Submit to Darkseid and read the full Anti-Life Equation! This is a book you cannot resist to buy!

Written by Grant Morrison & Peter J. Tomasi.
Art by Frank Quitely & various.
Covers by Frank Quitely and Jim Lee & Scott Williams

Note: Newsarama has a 5-page preview of Final Crisis Secret Files. It is, of course, possible that the Flash only appears in the splash page.

Other Possible Appearances

The Flash often appears in Trinity.


4 thoughts on “This Week (Jan 2): Justice League & Society

  1. Brandan

    Unless you know something I don’t, Peter Tomasi isn’t writing FC: Secret Files. Len Wein and Grant Morrison are.

  2. Kelson Post author

    I just pulled the credits (and the write-up) from the solicitations. I guess either Len Wein replaced Tomasi on the Libra origin somewhere along the line, or Tomasi is doing something else in the book. FWIW, DC’s website still lists Tomasi alongside Morrison.

  3. batmansgirl

    Hi! I love what you’re doing with this site. I have it linked on my LJ and I look forward to your messages every time I load my friends page. 🙂

    I’m not sure you know about this, but it looks like DC will be launching a new mini site for Flash fans soon (in addition to the Batman, Superman, and Final Crisis mini sites already launched). You can look at it here:

    I found it by accident when I discovered DC’s new mini site for Green Lantern (which can be found on DC’s home page) at . I then typed in “theflash” (because I’m nosy) to see if anything existed.

    Maybe we’ll see some neat stuff about Flash: Rebirth on there soon? I really wish Ethan would post more of his drawings on that mini Flash site…

    (My apologies if this has already been reported; feel free to delete this comment.)

  4. rwe1138

    “Note: JLA #28 has been shuffled around like a deck of cards, but Diamond says it’s coming out this week.”

    It should be. My LCS’ got it on their order list.

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