Weather Wizard, Meet…Go-Go the Magician!

Flash (and Rogues’ Gallery) fan liabrown found something Flashy in Bat-Manga!: a villain who bears a very strong resemblance to Central City’s own Weather Wizard.

Go-Go the Magician

As she puts it:

The Japanese artist said he was given some Batman comics and told to replicate the feel of them in manga style, but he pretty much copied Detective Comics #353 for the Go-Go story…with one major difference (mentioned below). He also used Clayface in a story, and some villains who appear to be fairly original (although one is somewhat reminiscent of Gorilla Grodd), including the awesome Lord Death Man.

Go-Go the Magician in a tornadoweatherwizard

Detective Comics #353It’s not clear why the artist replaced the Weather Wizard with a new villain, though the comment thread speculates that rights may have had something to do with it — or what “Go-Go” has to do with weather control. (Of course, this was the era of go-go checks on DC’s covers.)

Speaking of Detective Comics #353, it’s got a great classic cover showing the Weather Wizard physically stepping out of a Flash comic book and into an issue of Detective Comics.

More scans — of both the original and the manga versions — are available at the flash_rogues post.


5 thoughts on “Weather Wizard, Meet…Go-Go the Magician!

  1. Lia

    Awesome post!! Thanks for the link to the comm 🙂

    Hmmm, Wizard looks like a bit of a go-go dancer on that pole there…maybe that’s significant.

    1. Kelson Post author

      😀 I wish I could say the choice of picture was intentional, but it just happened to be the one I had used for the WW’s profile way back when.

  2. Brett Pape

    Sweet site… my woman loves comic books and I am going to forward her this to her. Thanks for reading my blog and I appreciate the comment. It’s nice to know that someone reads it once in awhile.

    .-= Brett Pape’s latest blog post: New titles =-.

  3. Bob

    You nailed the source of the Weather Wizard story. But the Lord Death Man story was based on Batman #180, “Death Knocks Three Times.” The villain there was just Death-Man, though, without the honorific.

    I haven’t read Bat-Manga yet, so I don’t know which American stories, if any, the Clayface or gorilla stories were based on.


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