No Flash Comic in October?

DC’s full solicitations for October are up at Newsarama and elsewhere, and there’s no sign of a Flash book the month after Flash: Rebirth is scheduled to wrap. And the Flash: Blackest Night miniseries won’t start until November, after the first round of tie-in miniseries are finished. Will readers see a month without a Flash book?

I suspect not, and here’s why:

  • With Comic-Con International just two days away, DC may be keeping the news of the Flash relaunch in reserve for a big announcement at the convention.
  • With Flash: Rebirth #4 running 3 weeks behind, and #6 scheduled for the last week of September, it’s likely that issues #5 and #6 will be pushed back, with the miniseries wrapping in October instead.

Brave and the Bold #28Of course, the Flash won’t be completely missing in any case: the Scarlet Speedster is co-starring in Brave and the Bold, and there are the various team books and Blackest Night. I’ll post a full run-down later tonight.

flash-vs-roguesAlso worth checking out: DC has announced the contents of the upcoming November trade paperback collection, The Flash vs. the Rogues: they’re all stories from the early Silver Age, many of them first appearances: Showcase #8, The Flash #105, 106, 110, 113, 117, 122, 140 & 155. Oddly, the cover they’re using with the solicitations is from a 2007 issue of the short-lived Flash: The Fastest Man Alive.


12 thoughts on “No Flash Comic in October?

  1. collectededitions

    Indeed that Brave and the Bold issue becomes all the more key now — one wonders if it was timed specifically to fill this gap.

    Thought I read Dan DiDio say the other day that they were still considering whether there would be more Blackest Night mini-series beyond the ones already announced. You’re confident, I imagine, that Blackest Night: Flash is a lock?
    .-= collectededitions’s latest blog post: Review: Superman: Braniac hardcover/paperback (DC Comics) =-.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Yeah, the timing does seem a little too perfect.

      As far as DD’s remarks, I interpreted it the same way I.Strange did, particularly given the structure of what we’ve seen so far, which is:

      – 8 months of Blackest Night, GL, and GLC.
      – 1 month of weekly Tales of the Corps at the beginning.
      – 3 months of Titans, Batman, and Superman during the first half
      – 3 months of Flash, Wonder Woman and JSA during the second half

      But now that you bring it up, I’m not so sure. I guess it all hinges on whether Dan Didio considered the second set of minis to have been “announced” yet.

      If that doesn’t get clarified in the next few days, I may ask about it at one of the panels this weekend.

      1. I.Strange

        Geoff Johns confirmed Wonder Woman at least (citing Greg Rucka as writer). I don’t think plans have changed.

  2. I.Strange

    All of the Flash vs. Rogues stories are contained in the (soon to be) three Showcase volumes. The collection seems pretty unnecessary.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Well, these are presumably in color.

      And I guess if someone only wants the highlights, it might be worth it to them. I mean, I’d happily pick up a DVD that had only the Justice League crossover episodes of Smallville, but I have no desire to buy full seasons.

      1. I.Strange

        True, but I wish they’d widen the net.
        106, 113, and 155, additionally, were in the Countdown special.

        1. Kelson Post author

          I’m still hoping we’ll see some more collections from outside the early 1960s. There’s a whole bunch of Jay Garrick material from the 1940s that has never been reprinted, not to mention Barry Allen from the 1970s and 1980s, and Wally West from the 1980s and 1990s.

    2. Lia

      Well, I’m happy to get it, at least. It’ll be nice to have all the classic core Rogues’ first appearances in one volume, plus the first big team-up.

      The Canadian price will probably suck though…


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