Quick Look: Francis Manapul Flash Sketches

Francis Manapul Sketches the Flash

The Source has posted some Flash sketches by Francis Manapul. They look great, and IMO should reassure fans who have been apprehensive about his selection as artist on the new series. Manapul plans to ink and watercolor the art himself, similar to the style he’s using for Adventure Comics.

The artist adds some new wrinkles to the Flash transition timeline:

These were done a while back near the end of my Legion run. I tried to make a go at the Flash and these were the sketches I did as a pitch to try and get the book. It was nixed as Geoff and I decided to do Adventure Comics (which I love and will miss very much). However the opportunity to get on the scarlett speedster arose and so here we are.

That would have been about a year ago, right? Flash: Rebirth would have been announced, but not solicited, with people speculating that it would start anywhere from January to March (it ended up launching in April). I suppose if Flash: Rebirth had been 6 issues starting in January and stayed on time, DC could have launched a Flash ongoing series in July — right around the time that they launched Adventure Comics. Hmm…


5 thoughts on “Quick Look: Francis Manapul Flash Sketches

  1. CM22

    Them being a bit dated comforts me a big, as my first concern was that that was Wally’s belt and Wingtips. I would have had to fly into a nonsensical and inappropriate rage if Barry took Wally’s costume changes. But as it stands, it’s interesting. Not really reflective, because he’s come a long way since a year ago doing legion. But interesting.

    1. Kelson Post author

      According to the artist, the sketches are at least a year old, from back when Wally’s series was still going. I wouldn’t read too much into the costume design he used.

  2. Craig MD

    Looks good to me. Only complaints I have are the wingtips on the cowl (which look weird) and the lightning symbol on the chest seems really small. Otherwise, very nice.


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