Dan Didio Talks Kid Flash Launch: April or May

In the latest 10 Answers with Dan Didio (it’s now 10 questions every week instead of 20 questions every 2 weeks), Dan Didio answers some questions about the upcoming Kid Flash series being written by Sterling Gates.

Launch date: “somewhere around April or May of next year. It will launch about a month after the launch of the new Flash book.” Note: Last we heard, Flash was going to launch in March 2010, which would place it a month after the planned end of Blackest Night: Flash

Artist: “I’ve got a couple of artists who are under consideration,” but right now they’re focused on coordinating stories.

He also reiterates what Geoff Johns has previously said about the Flash and Kid Flash books being aligned much in the same way that Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps are aligned.

There are, of course, 9 more questions and answers in the original article, including some interesting remarks on solicitations and spoilers.

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2 thoughts on “Dan Didio Talks Kid Flash Launch: April or May

  1. Omar Karindu

    Bart’s actually got a fairly decent Rogues’ Gallery7 of his own if they want to use it, come to think. Johns was setting Axel Walker up as his rival in Flash #207-8 and Teen Titans #8, White Lightning and potentially Fog Prince and Evil-Eye are still usable after his solo series, and Inertia/Kid Zoom isn’t so hard to restore (especially now that his karmic reason for being dead is rather moot).

    1. Kelson Post author

      Axel showed up in Teen Titans? I guess I don’t remember that run as well as I thought. That would be right before the Raven/Brother Blood story, right?


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