Wednesday Comics: The Giant Coffee Table Book

All right! DC has announced that they’ll be collecting Wednesday Comics as an oversized hardcover book at 11×17″!

It’s not the full size, which would be ideal, but I do think an oversized hardcover is the best way to collect it. Shrinking the art to standard size would diminish the experience of reading it, and trying to do something this size as a paperback is unwieldy at best, judging by Comic Book Tattoo. There’s a reason I bought the hardcover of that book, and it wasn’t so that I could carry extra weight around the convention floor. (It wasn’t to weaponize a comic book, either, but I’m sure I could knock someone out if I hit them over the head with it.)

Amazingly enough, they plan to sell it for $49.99, the same price as the archive books that clock in at the same page count but smaller page size. Back when I tried to figure out how Wednesday Comics could be collected, I figured a coffee table book from DC would end up costing a lot more.

I do have to wonder how they’re going to manage the paperback edition, but with this option available for this price (and you know it’ll be discounted in places like Amazon)…does it really matter?

Note: I managed to delete the original post when I intended to edit it, losing the comments made earlier this evening. Sorry about that!


One thought on “Wednesday Comics: The Giant Coffee Table Book

  1. Esteban Pedreros

    Now we are talking! 😀

    After I made my comment on the other entry I realized that i might have been a tad harsh on the way I expressed my opinion, sorry.

    Now it does make sense and I couldn’t agree more…. it would also be interesting to know whether or not they are going to collect the pages that Chiarello commissioned in case somebody dropped the ball on that book, something that fortunately didn’t happen.


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