Jay Garrick on Smallville (sort of)

The CW’s latest promo for Smallville includes clips from February’s two-hour Justice Society episode, “Absolute Justice” (originally two separate episodes, “Society” and “Legends”). In addition to glimpses of Dr. Fate and Sandman, there’s the Justice Society conference table, Alan Scott’s Green Lantern ring, and a view of a painting (by Rodolfo Migliari) showing a dozen past Justice Society members:

Justice Society - Smallville Painting

It’s hard to tell exactly who’s in it, especially in the back, but the Flash’s red shirt stands out clearly. Toyriffic has more screen caps and a list of the characters pictured.

Smallville has generally done its own thing as far as continuity is concerned, which makes it interesting that they appear to be working an entire previous generation of heroes into the mythology.

(Thanks to @BubbaShelby for bringing it to my attention, and for allowing me to use the screencap!)


3 thoughts on “Jay Garrick on Smallville (sort of)

  1. Esteban Pedreros

    Although I usually end up very disappointed with any episode of Smallville I dare to watch, it’s a very bad show.

    Well I recognize most of the characters (I think). Star Spangled Kid, (blank), Atom, Sandman, the Spectre, Jay Garrick, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Dr. Fate, Alan Scott, Hourman, (blank), (blank), Mr. Terrific.


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