Drifting Out of the Mainstream

I can relate to 4thLetter!’s David Brothers when he talks about losing interest in super-heroes, or at least in Marvel and DC. I’ve been primarily a DC fan since the early 1980s, but I’ve found myself buying fewer and fewer DC books over the last few years.

Why? Well…

  • My tastes have changed. Lately, I find myself drawn more to the genres I tend to read in prose — science fiction and fantasy — and less to super-heroes.
  • DC’s general tone has shifted to one that just doesn’t interest me.
  • After reading comics for 25 years, I’ve gotten jaded.
  • I’d rather just read stories than keep up with an entire universe. (I’m not sure if that’s a matter of taste or being jaded.)

I’m down to one DC title, The Flash, and it’s in the middle of a year-long revamp. I still don’t know whether I’m going to like the new series once it actually starts. Marvel? The only book I’m following right now, The Twelve, has been stalled for over a year. I just dropped Dynamo 5, which leaves Astro City. Everything else, including my top three, is a mix of sci-fi, fantasy, or mystery.

For the most part, I don’t think this is a problem. There are plenty of comics out there that are more to my tastes. It only bothers me when it affects characters that matter to me, like the Flash. It’s an odd feeling, not knowing whether I’ll be reading a Flash comic this time next year. Though with the amount of time it’s taken to release Flash: Rebirth, I’ve gotten used to it. 😉


7 thoughts on “Drifting Out of the Mainstream

  1. Perplexio

    And its a good thing that Manapul not Van Sciver will be doing the ongoing. If Van Sciver were doing the ongoing, by this time next year we might be waiting for issue 2 or 3 of the ongoing. I picked up Adventure Comics #3 last month just to get a feel of what us Flash fans have in store for us when the ongoing starts. I really liked what I saw so I’m really looking forward to the ongoing.

  2. matches

    It’s pretty natural to drift in and out of various interests, IMO. Actually, I think it’s more strange to never waver in interest levels at all. Give it a year or two, and you may find yourself primed for more superhero stuff. Or not, in which case, as you say, there’s plenty of other material out there.

    1. Kelson Post author

      Could be. I was in a similar position during Infinite Crisis: down to two ongoing DC books, one of which was being canceled and one of which I was ready to drop. 52 pulled me back in.

  3. Kid Chameleon

    I’m in the same boat. The only ongoings I’m picking up from the mainstream are Ultimate Spider-Man and Wonder Woman. I’m not even picking up Flash: Rebirth, my freind is buying it for me because I refuse to spend money on Barry’s return. I’d rather have seen them pull a Kyle Rayner than bring back Barry. Hell, I’d have more interest if it was Jay filling in for Wally while he’s raising his kids. I do pick up some other stuff, Air, Invincible (really well done) and Proof as examples, but the superheroes are just not interesting. Ultimate Spidey is a very fresh take on Spidey and who can honestly say they didn’t giggle when they saw that Gwen Stacy was Carnage back in the Clone Saga? It’s got so many twists on the mainstream universe that it’s fresh and interesting. I mean, come on, they’re making Mysterio cool. Wonder Woman is a nice twist because she’s moving forward in terms of her character. She had a boyfreind (and I’m really sad that she’s been dumped) and she’s having issues with her Gods. Flash has just been slow and stupid since they decided Barry was coming back and I feel Geoff Johns is completely overextended in his writing which is why we’re getting such poor quality. Okay, I think I’m done rambling.

  4. Andrew

    I’m sorry to hear this, but I also think it’s perfectly understandable. Things change, and so do ones interests.

    I was wondering however, if in half a year or so you are no longer following the Flash will you close this blog? For what it is worth I think you have done a remarkable job and provided a fun and informative service. If or when you do decide to move on, know that it was appreciated. :]

    1. Kelson Post author

      Thank you!

      I’ve thought a lot about what to do if and when that happens, and some of the ideas I’ve considered are:

      – Close it and build an index page like Comic Coverage.
      – Refocus on Flash history like Crimson Lightning.
      – Refocus it on whatever comics I am reading.

      Of course, it may not be an issue for quite a while. I still hope that I’ll like the new Flash series when it launches!

  5. Angel

    Well I hope you don’t close the site even if you lose interest. A succesor, or a “Wally” could be chosen to continue running it. lol But if all works out I hope the new flash&kid flash ongoings are exactly what weve been waiting for and you will continue to bring us all this wonderful flash news.

    Recently i’ve dropped ALL marvel titles that I usually pull. I loved Secret Warriors, Dark Avengers, New Avengers, Runaways and well honestly I just got tired of typing but I was pulling everything they were putting out and it made me feel jaded so that may just be it for you..except drawn out over 25 years of reading by purchasing comics like a normal human being.

    Image Comics is still the wave of the future! Invincible, Walking Dead, Savage Dragon and Dynamo 5. What has drawn me away is self contained stories that still go for about $3.


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