Flash Secret Origin Planned

The new issue of Comic-Con Magazine (originally the newsletter for Comic-Con International) is up, with a focus on comic book writers and an extensive interview with Geoff Johns. At one point, the interviewer asks about a Flash: Secret Origin story.

I will be doing the Flash Secret Origin. He’s never had a secret origin book….with Green Lantern Secret Origin, it’s a book now and that book actually outsells the other GL trades because you look at it if you’re in a bookstore or whatever and that’s the first one you’ll pick up because it looks like that’s the first volume….the Flash Secret Origin will be one of those books that you can hand to anybody.

Life Story of the FlashJohns has previously said that he’d like to do a Secret Origin of the Flash, but it sounds a lot more definite now. Though of course, we’ve seen DC’s plans for the Flash change many times over the last few years.

He doesn’t say when the story will be told, or whether it will be in the main book like Green Lantern: Secret Origin or in a separate miniseries like Superman: Secret Origin.

I wouldn’t agree that the Flash has never had a secret origin book, though. Certainly Mark Waid & Brian Augustyn’s The Life Story of the Flash would fit the bill. Yes, it’s 13 years old now, and Geoff Johns has wiped out the entire first third of the book with Eobard Thawne’s time travel shenanigans in Flash: Rebirth, but it does exist. Unless Superboy-Prime somehow punched it out of existence. I should go check my longboxes and make sure it’s still there… 😀

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10 thoughts on “Flash Secret Origin Planned

  1. Wayne Lippa

    Green Lantern: Secret Origin took the Emerald Dawn miniseries out of continuity, so Flash: Secret Origin will probably do the same to The Life Story of the Flash.

  2. KC Flash

    I personally love “The Life Story of the Flash.” Sure it’s not the easiest book to come by, but very much well worth the search. If you come across a copy, pick it up, you will be glad you did. It was SO well-written, with wonderful art throughout.

    1. Kelson Post author

      I can just see it: the next spinoff, in the same vein as “Sword of the Atom” and “Web of Spider-Man,” will be… “Bow-Tie of the Flash!”

  3. kukheart

    Since GJ is in upper management i wish they would reprint his entire flash run in tpb, that would be pretty cool, i also hope SO will be a mini and not in the main flash book.

  4. Mike

    Wait a minute. There was a SECRET ORIGINS annual devoted to the FLASH. It was late 80’s. I guess that doesn’t count?

  5. Wally East

    Geoff Johns worked on The Flash: Secret Files and Origins #3 in Nov. 2001. He wrote the section about the Rogues.

  6. Dan

    As someone who doesn’t read many comics (and has never read a Flash comic), I’d definitely welcome a Flash Secret Origin. I did enjoy the ones for Superman and Green Lantern.

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