More Flash at WonderCon: Brightest Day

I didn’t make it into the Brightest Day panel today, but Newsarama’s live blog has some Flash tidbits.

Be aware that this has SPOILERS FOR BLACKEST NIGHT #8. At the DC Editorial panel, the panelists were asking that people not spoil the issue with their questions, and suggested going out afterward, buying a copy of the book on the con floor, then coming back to the Brightest Day panel.

So, some Flashy items from Newsarama:

Showing off a David Finch cover of the characters resurrected in Blackest Night #8. “These guys are back for a reason,” Berganza says.

“The story is about ‘why these 12?’ and what they’re going to accomplish, both good and bad,” Johns adds.

Flash up next—big applause for the slide.

“What about Wally?” a fan yells. “Wally’s just fine! He’s got kids and stuff,” Johns says.

“The first arc is called ‘The Dastardly Death of the Rogues,'” Johns says, “(Barry Allen) will be investigating a murder mystery that’s not what you think.”

Was Blackest Night meant to be a commentary on the nature of death in comics? “Characters get killed all the time in comics,” Johns said. “We wanted to do away with that tool for a while—when a character dies, they’re dead. Try to give death a meaning in the DC Universe again.”

Will Tim Drake be mad about the Digger Harkness Captain Boomerang being back? “If the guy who killed your dad came back, and your dad didn’t, you’d probably be angry,” Johns said.

Robinson: “Can I just say that there are characters that I wish came back that didn’t, but Ted Kord died a true hero’s death,” saying that bringing him back might diminish that.

Update: CBR’s coverage is up, and IGN has a round-up of Brightest Day news from the weekend.


3 thoughts on “More Flash at WonderCon: Brightest Day

  1. Touch of Grey

    Barry Allen died a true hero’s death, too. And who came back? Barry Allen.
    Ted deserves a second chance at life more than half the people that came back, and not because three of them are villians.
    (I’ve got a pretty little rant about the 12 on my blog, see above)

  2. FastestPosterAlive

    Well said about Barry coming back. To say you want to give death more sting/purpose then reverse the most important death in comic history…it’s hypocrisy.


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