Flash #7 Profiles Captain Boomerang (Cover and Solicitation)

Full solicitations are coming soon, but DC’s Brightest Day comics for October are already up…and the Rogue Profiles are back!

The Flash #7

Written by GEOFF JOHNS
1:10 “DC 75th Anniversary” Variant cover by DARWYN COOKE

The Rogue Profile issues return as BRIGHTEST DAY zips on with a spotlight turned toward the resurrected Captain Boomerang! He knows why he’s back and what he needs to do. But does he still have what it takes to be a Rogue?

On sale OCTOBER 13 • 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US

Notes: I’d been speculating that we might see a done-in-one story after “The Dastardly Death of the Rogues” finished, though it didn’t occur to me that it might be a Rogue Profile.

For those who weren’t reading The Flash during Geoff Johns’ first run on the title, in between major storylines he would take a break and focus on one of the villains for an issue, often with a guest artist. He started with Captain Cold, then Pied Piper, Zoom, Mirror Master and finally Heat Wave. These off-format issues were a highlight of Johns’ previous run, and I’m glad to see him returning to the concept.

Scott Kolins is really carving out a niche as the artist for the Rogues. His initial run on The Flash, Final Crisis: Rogues’ Revenge, Blackest Night: The Flash, and now this Captain Boomerang Spotlight.

Update: Not that this should come as a surprise, but Francis Manapul confirmed on Twitter that he’s still on the book and will return for the second story arc.


5 thoughts on “Flash #7 Profiles Captain Boomerang (Cover and Solicitation)

  1. Touch of Grey

    Hyperion, you read my mind. Digger seems to have come back to life as he was in his prime, meaning, he’s not Fat!Digger from Identity Crisis anymore. He’s still not very good looking, though, so maybe…OH SHI- please don’t let them pull a Sue on Meloni. No rape in my Flash canon, please, Geoff. And then there’s the whole Owen-somehow-travelling-to-the-past thing. Was Iris involved? She has a history of watching out for kids of the Rogues, and that last one didn’t end too well…

  2. papa zero

    Speaking of Rogues… our modern day Rogues are still conspicuously missing. I proposed the idea that the Renegades were a ruse before and while I may very well be entirely wrong – we still have yet to see any convincing evidence that the Renegades are from Flash’s future and not some mirror universe or red herring.

    1. Kelson Post author

      As much as I like your theory that they’re really the Rogues, the book threw a monkey wrench into it when Barry Allen’s civilian ID was dragged in. The last we saw, the Rogues didn’t know he was the Flash, and while that could have changed, I find it unlikely that the same writer who went to such an effort to restore the secret ID a few years ago would undo it all off-panel.

      A mirror universe, on the other hand, would fit in with the “In case of Flash, break glass” without requiring the Rogues to have learned Barry’s identity.


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