GLC #51 Variant: White Lantern Zoom

I guess they must have been out of this when I hit the comic store last week, because I have been keeping an eye out for the White Lantern variant covers featuring the Brightest Day resurrections. Giant Size Geek spotlights the Green Lantern Corps #51 cover, which features a White Lantern Professor Zoom:

Click through to the original post for a larger view of this impressive Ryan Sook [edit: and Fernando Pasarin and Joel Gomez] piece.

With two Flash-related characters resurrected at the end of Blackest Night, I’ve been wondering which would appear on the next Flash variant cover…and where the other would appear. Presumably, this means a White Lantern version of Captain Boomerang will appear on the alternate cover for Flash #5 next month. It’s an appropriate choice, considering that Boomerang is involved in the current storyline in The Flash, but the Reverse-Flash is not.


7 thoughts on “GLC #51 Variant: White Lantern Zoom

  1. mbish

    How intense is that stare?

    I have not been keeping up with Green Lantern stuff that much but does this mean that Zoom will appear in Green Lantern Corps or was this just a case of, this guy was resurrected where do we put him in the variants?

  2. Craig

    That’s an awesome cover. Would be cool if Ryan Sook could do the second Flash title if/when it comes out. I don’t really think it makes sense for it to be on an issue of GLC though.

  3. Kelson Post author

    They’ve been trying to match up characters to series when possible: Maxwell Lord in Justice League: Generation Lost, Hawk in Birds of Prey, Osiris in Titans, etc. But since some Brightest Day books are dealing with more than one resurrected character, and some are dealing with other parts of the Blackest Night aftermath, I guess they figured they’d spread the rest around as best as they could.

    Agreed, though: it’s an awesome cover. I’ve liked Ryan Sook’s art since I saw it in the first Spike & Dru one-shot a decade ago.

    Also, check this out: Comics Nexus is assembling the covers into one large image!

      1. Wayne Lippa

        You said it! I wish I could justify shelling out the extra money to buy each variant cover. I’ll just have to settle for the Reverse Flash and Captain Boomerang ones, and look at the combined covers together online.


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