Teen Titans vs. Captain Cold in December

Another interesting item showed up on DC’s December solicitations (preview up now, full list available on Monday):

Teen Titans: Cold Case

Written by MARK SABLE
Cover by JAY FABOK

Don’t miss this untold tale from writer Mark Sable (Grounded, TWO-FACE: YEAR ONE) and red-hot artist Sean Murphy (JOE THE BARBARIAN) bringing the Teen Titans and The Flash’s Rogues Gallery into direct conflict! Two people already died over a mysterious object, and now both teams want it. How much more blood will be spilled to obtain it as this gets deadly personal for all involved?

ONE-SHOT * On sale DECEMBER 22 * 56 pg, FC, $4.99 US

Notes: I’m guessing that by “untold tale,” DC only means that it’s set in the past. Though I suppose they could be dusting off an old two-part story that’s been sitting on a shelf for a while.

With Cyborg, Ravager, Wonder Girl (Cassie) and Robin on the cover, I’d guess it’s probably early in the “One Year Later” period right after Infinite Crisis and 52, before the Rogues were dragged into Flash: The Fastest Man Alive and shipped off to Salvation Run.


7 thoughts on “Teen Titans vs. Captain Cold in December

  1. Lia

    When I saw mention of the Rogues and Teen Titans, I immediately thought of the unpublished pages posted at ComicArtFans a while back. Looked just now, and sure enough, same creative team. So you can see a few of the pages online 😉

    They’re in this gallery, titled “unused” or “unpublished” Teen Titans:

    The guy who owns the pages said the story was scrapped due to continuity issues — wonder if DC fixed those, or just decided to release the story as is?

    1. Kelson Post author

      Interesting – thanks for posting that link. I actually kind of hope DC *didn’t* decide to “fix” the continuity issues. Readers are IMO too hung up on the problem to begin with, and a label like “untold tale” might make them less inclined to nitpick. (Eh, who am I kidding. That’s what we do as readers.)

      1. Lia

        I cannot tell a lie — I’m a nitpicker. I like to figure out when exactly something takes place, and can’t help but note if something is off continuity-wise. That’s why Geoff Johns’ retcons drive me so nuts 😛

  2. collectededitions

    I wonder if for some reason DC is cleaning out its “file stories” drawer. There’s this, Adam Beechen’s Nightmaster story (apparently written and then filed while Shadowpact was ongoing), and Eddie Berganza’s Batman: Orphans story set while Tim Drake was Robin. Maybe there’s some kind of quota DC’s trying to make …

    1. Jude Deluca

      Because they realized that they’ve pi$$ed off the fans too much what with how certain books have bombed and are continuing to bomb?

  3. Lee H

    These days I worry a little when the Rogues are written by someone who isn’t Geoff Johns! Still, being set between Infinite Crisis and Full Throttle it can’t be much worse than their other appearances in that era.


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