Reader Survey Results: How Did You Discover Speed Force?

Thanks to everyone who responded to my poll on how you discovered this site. It’s an interesting picture of how (one corner of) the comics Internet works.

More than half of you came over from my longer-established site, Flash: Those Who Ride the Lightning, and just over a fifth of you discovered this blog through some sort of search. Another 10% learned about the site through another blog, either through an article or through a sidebar link.

A handful or respondents found out about the site through forums and social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Buzz).

What I found particularly interesting: Not one person reported discovering the site though StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, or another link sharing site. I get a fair amount of traffic from StumbleUpon and Reddit, but it seems that even if they’re good at bringing in casual viewers, they’re not terribly effective at creating regular readers.

Thanks again, everyone!

Full results after the cut:

Update: I’ve pulled in the comments from the announcement post, since it’s really one discussion.

Update 2: Twtpoll has purged the results, and I didn’t think to copy them over first. :grumble:


7 thoughts on “Reader Survey Results: How Did You Discover Speed Force?

  1. collectededitions

    Fascinating, Kelson. I’ll be curious to hear what the results are. Pretty sure I found Speed Force through a comment you left on Collected Editions, unless I saw a link to you on another blog. All best.

  2. Kyer

    Googling for more fanfic eventually became Googling for more Flash background in general in which I discovered Those Who Ride The Lightning…and here I am. Decided this info site was one of the better ones so bookmarked it.

    Thank you, btw, for providing all the great trivia.


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