Flash #10 Variant Cover by Yildiray Cinar

On the eve of the Flash #9 release, DC has posted the art for four variant covers including this impressive piece for next month’s The Flash #10.

The post at The Source says it’s Scott Kolins, but it doesn’t look like his style, and that’s not his signature. Anyone know who it is?

Update: Thanks to Craig MacD for identifying the artist as Yildiray Cinar (Legion of Super-Heroes, Noble Causes, Teen Titans: Ravager). He’s posted the black-and-white version of the art as well.



4 thoughts on “Flash #10 Variant Cover by Yildiray Cinar

  1. Craig MacD.

    Its by Yildray Cinar (Legion of Super-Heroes artist). He posted the black and white version on his Twitter feed earlier tonight.

  2. Mr Maczaps

    it looks awesome… but looks more like Wally to me… his face is kind of wonky and same with his waistline… i’m no artist but it just stands out to me i guess…


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