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Wednesday, on discovering that his flight home from San Diego offered free Wifi, incoming Flash writer/current artist Francis Manapul decided to answer reader questions on Twitter. I’m sure I’ve missed some, but here you go.

I’ve reformatted these for easier reading. In many cases, the question and answer appeared in the same post, as a retweet with a comment (ex: “Answer. RT @asker question”), so they’re really terse.

@JasonB617: how much are you writing/drawing flash and how much is your partner writing/drawing
@FrancisManapul: Writing 50/50. I’m penciling, inking, watercolor graytones on art and @BrianBooch on colors. I will be colloring the occasional cover like #2.

@chambernaut: What are you most excited about and most concerned about in writing the upcoming DCnU Flash series w/ Brian?
@FrancisManapul: excited about bringing in new ideas and pushing his powers. Nervous about magnitude of what we are doing.
@chambernaut: TY! One more: have any plans of bringing in extended Flash family? Wally, Max, Bart, Jesse, Wally’s kids, XS?
@FrancisManapul: i would like to but no plans at the moment focus is on Barry [Several people asked about Wally. He was kind enough to repeat the answer, but I’ll only include the responses that add new information.]

jtorrescomics: What is the name of the Filipino villain you created for Flash? And why a brother gotta be a bad guy? Hm?
@FrancisManapul: all will be revealed in #1 🙂 #postsdcc can we say anti hero then? 😉

@go_pegasus: There will be any crossovers w/others DCU heroes?
@FrancisManapul: Not at the moment but he will appear in other books

@Ectoman_913: does Barry know about the speed force? Or will it be rediscovered in Sept?
@FrancisManapul: Yes he knows

@go_pegasus: Barry and Iris relationship stays the same? or she doesnt know he`s the Flash now?
@FrancisManapul: Barry single. Flash a secret

@GeorgeSCanada: How much do you write your scripts around cool things you think you’d like to draw?
FM: Rarely. Story 1st make that look cool
@GeorgeSCanada: Is the commission you drew for me last summer at #FanExpo still in-continuity? This is very important. 🙂
FM: Hahha yes!

@DavidUzumeri: Did Barry still die and come back in the Crisis?
FM: Yes
@Pixel_Kaiser: Then why the hell is this even a reboot, it’s still convoluted as hell. =/
FM: Its a relaunch not a Reboot
PK: The intention is the same, right? To make things easier to understand. But it’s no easier, still convoluted.
FM: We’re about moving forward not back
PK: Then why not remove all the clutter? For what it’s worth, I’m for sure buying your book, this isn’t an attack. Just concern.
FM: can’t erase all those years of history. We have a tough job of respecting but renewing the dcu history
@ryanoneil So …. who was The Flash while he was dead?
FM: Gotta keep some things close to our vest sorry
@Woerlan: I hope this means that there WAS a Flash while Barry was dead, and you just can’t say for now. Good news.
FM: Bingo

@GeorgeSCanada: Do you know how fast the Flash is? Or is it like a “however fast the story needs him to be” type situation?
FM: his speed is immeasurable

@rowdyoctopus: how has Geoff inspired or influenced you as a writer, if at all?
FM: His enthusiasm for the medium inspires me constantly

@ronsalas: Dont you think Flash would be cooler with a V-neck?
FM: His v/neck is inverted in to a chin strap [Guys, you can tell this one’s a joke, right? I only ask because people seem to have taken the “retractable pants” comment about Wonder Woman as if it were serious.]

@JimArcherPhD: Will Barry remember the events of Flashpoint?
FM: No

Kapellusc:Who is your favourite #Flash? #ILikeJay
FM: Wally but came to love Barry

@Ectoman_913: would you put Julio Mendez in the series? Loved his character from the show and it would be cool to see him in the comics.
FM: no plans but we’re creating new characters
@Ectoman_913: is Christina McGee gonna be in the series or any old supporting characters from flash?
FM: Some old some new

@ShukudaiBakari: are u fully rested and what are u working on?
FM: No, flash script

@DavidTRoberts: will any other heroes that use the speedforce be in the new Flash series?
FM: Focus our first year is Barry
@TheLastIslander: I have to boo this, as we’ve just had 2 years of Focus on Barry. #JayWallyBartMaxNeedLoveToo
FM: sorry 🙁 Bart will be in teen titans.

@ronsalas: Isn’t Flash just way too powerful? Is it tough to figure out things he can’t do?
FM: Yes. But fun coming up with crazy ideas

@PaulGCornish: Bit of a long shot but any plans for the Chunk? I love that guy.
FM: No sorry. Maybe a cameo

@ronsalas: Are you really wishing you paid more attention to Physics class than you did in high school?
FM: Discovery Science 🙂

@dkaszor: Will the Pied Piper be a good guy?
FM: We’ll see 🙂

@TheLastIslander: Are Bart and Barry still related?
FM: Yes

@edietel: Any costume redesigns for the Rogues? I love their current look, but was wondering anyway.
FM: Redesigns

@DMBIII: any new villains?
FM: Absolutely

@CarlosAle: Any new female villains? The Flash really needs his own “Catwoman” and “Poison Ivy”. #badgirlsrule
FM: I’ll do my best

@JonSCutler: Is Patty Spivot going to be in your Flash run?
FM: Yes

@Katzedecimal Is Countdown to Final Crisis still considered, hm, valid, for lack of a preferable word?
FM: Tell you the truth I’m not sure.
@Katzedecimal: *lol* Well I know which part I’d like preserved & which part I’d gladly see retconned XD
FM: do tell 🙂
@Katzedecimal: Retconning certain stripey FBI agents to shot in the rubber chicken would be a plus. Then I could like Deadshot again XD
Kersploding dark gods & planets w/ Queen on a flute made of car parts = AWESOME

sorry no notes from Geoff. But I’m doing my best to try and incorporate some of the things he touched on

@JonSCutler: Is asking where’s Wally a ridiculous or unanswerable question for you?
FM: There are currently no plans for Wally. My marching orders is to move ahead with Barry.
@JonSCutler: Ah ok, well thanks. Also any chance Barry will visit Hal Jordan? I mean it’ll only take him .0002 seconds to go find him
FM: maybe. But I’m not sure. I’ve outlined a 2 year plan that is Flash centric. If it makes sense for him to visit Hal I’ll do it.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few, but that’s still a lot of answers! A huge thanks to Francis Manapul for engaging the audience. You can follow him on Twitter at @FrancisManapul.


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