DCUO Flash Statue Sale

Through Wednesday, Thwipster has the DC Universe Online Flash Statue on sale for only $52.

Thanks to Ken O of That F’ing Monkey for the tip!


3 thoughts on “DCUO Flash Statue Sale

  1. Kyer

    Goes to show (too late for me) that preview price discounts aren’t always an actual deal. I paid 72 with shipping for mine back in December before I learned about the costume changes and Wally’s fate and just how dishonest DC was. Had it for a couple of week now and it’s still unopened in the box which I shoved in the closet (It was either that or smashing it.)

    1. Kyer

      You’ve almost inspired me to open mine up….but I’d better give it at least a few months for *the edge* of my nerd rage to die. By which time I just know that DC is going to do something else to ignite it again.;P

      28 Days Later commentary: See, I’m the exact opposite. Never seen a male sex organ (a real one) in my life and no desire to see it at all (or a woman’s or beastie’s either), but I’d much rather that than to see dissected chimps. What the heck was wrong with that laa….woman…taking little tykes to see that? Sure hope it wasn’t the mother because that means they might have inherited her single-celled brain.


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