Art School: Step-by-Step with Francis Manapul & New Flash Artwork (via The Source)

The Source has an interesting piece up today featuring Flash writer/artist Francis Manapul, in which he takes readers through the process of creating a teaser/ad for DC’s New 52 Art Tour.

Manapul discusses his approach, from early layouts to the element of luck.  The first few steps include previously unseen artwork from the upcoming issue #3.  Here’s one version, featuring the preview:

The artwork previews, cover solicits and teasers for Flash have all been stunning.  A post like today’s Source feature shows off some of the ways that Manapul and partner Brian Buccellato are experimenting and innovating in their approach to the design of the Scarlet Speedster.  Looking for more?  We interviewed Manapul about his work earlier this year.

Head on over to The Source to check out the finished product(s).


3 thoughts on “Art School: Step-by-Step with Francis Manapul & New Flash Artwork (via The Source)

  1. Kyer

    The artwork continues to be stunning. 0.0 “wow”
    I continue to dislike that darned chin strap. -_-;;

    (Honestly, it actually looks 10x worse when viewed from a lower angle even while the rest of the work is stunning.)

    1. Kyer

      Okay, not on topic, but…Heads up to any other Wally fans that Brett (Demonpuppy) has put up another non-DCnU compliant Wally drawing…this time a front view. I tried to leave a comment, but can’t. So if you are seeing this, Brett, Kudos and thanks for sharing that!! Would love to see it in color.


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