But it’s a Reboot!

“It’s a reboot” explains the existence of continuity changes. It doesn’t justify them. Good or bad, those new or altered characters, settings and concepts have to be judged on their own merits, not on whether there was an editor’s note explaining why it doesn’t line up with older stories.


8 thoughts on “But it’s a Reboot!

  1. collectededitions

    Absolutely and well said.

    If I’m interpreting what you mean correctly, I think this applies to Rose Wilson in the new DC Universe (from what little I’ve read). She’s an assassin and a martial artist, but has both eyes and isn’t related to Deathstroke. If that’s the case, if she’s a fundamentally different character, using the name “Rose Wilson” is just a call-out to pre-Flashpoint fans and the use of a familiar name — but by using it, it limits the growth of who this new character could become by tying her back to a continuity that ostensibly no longer exists. Saying, “This is Rose Wilson rebooted” isn’t enough — if the character’s not Rose Wilson, create someone new.

    (That was a lot of words on Rose Wilson. If I entirely missed your point, apologies.)

    1. Kelson Post author

      Not really. What I’m going for is simply:

      Changes can improve things, make them worse, or just make them different. If a choice is bad, an editorial stamp of approval doesn’t magically transform it into a good one.

      People can disagree about whether a change is good or bad, but “It’s a reboot” doesn’t settle the argument, any more than “It’s a new TV season” settles whether a given show is good or bad.

    2. Lee H

      Her personality seems about the same as it has been for the past few years. Where did you get the idea that she’s not related to Deathstroke? As far as I’m aware they’ve yet to mention it either way, and they do have the same surname.

  2. Savitar

    What DC has done is not a reboot. To me, reboot implies that you are starting your comic universe over from scratch. You may have the same characters, even the same origins, but all previous stories are chunked out the window.

    But DC is once again cherry-picking what they want or don’t want to keep from the previous DCU. We fans are left wondering which of the previous stories ‘happened’ or matter anymore.

    A true reboot would eliminate those concerns. Thus, to me, DC has merely relaunched their line.

  3. Kyer

    One’s thing clear from NYCC: Wally was never a Flash, Biggest reboot I see is how they keep kicking the fans:

    Wally was never a Teen Titan (“When asked about Wally West, Chase responded, “who?”) And (:P) Wally is not the Mysterious Pink Lady from the end of Flashpoint. (“Next!)

    I admit the last made me grin. It would have been like a Monty Python script. Still, I was not pleased. Not ENRAGED, but not pleased by Chase’s comment. I’m getting the feeling that the official responses to questions about Wally are now “Who?”, “Next!”, and utter silence.

    1. Kelson Post author

      I saw that…I don’t know which is sadder, the possibility that DC has now made it official policy to thumb their nose at Wally’s fans when they ask about him, or the possibility that the editor really didn’t recognize the name.

      1. Kyer

        Oh, it gets worse…

        Another blogger added that at the DCnU 52 panel that one fan question was written on a read list and it asked what were the plans for Wally. Apparently there was prolonged silence after which Didio told the reader of the list to go on to the next question.

        Now THAT has me enraged if true because…with everything else it’s pretty plain that they have no intention of ever returning Wally regardless of whether they could think of a way to fit him in or not.

        I’m back to my full blown paranoid theory that they simply never wanted Wally to return and all their previous excuses are pure baloney. X(

        Dammit! I WANTED that action figure! I WANTED that Omnibus #2! How can I possibly justify to my self getting them now? It’s an honor thing. I just can’t *reward* them with my cash when they do stuff like this. The fact that *they* won’t care is not the point….*I* would know.


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